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Bald Eagle floats on the Skagit River in Washington State.
Skagit River

Ambling emerald currents sprinkled with rapids converge with lush ancient forests on our Upper Skagit River outing. Families appreciate this easy riding three hours and 10 miles of Class II/III water offering astounding views. July thru August.

Witness the circle of life first hand on our Salmon & Bald Eagle Float. Spawning salmon create the incentive for hundreds of bald eagles from Canada and Alaska to converge on the valley. Marvel at these natural wonders as you travel this10 mile stretch. 4 hours Class I. December thru February.

Map of the Skagit River White Water
Upper Skagit River

The Upper Skagit river is located in the North Cascades National Park near Ross Lake. Another beautiful and moderate whitewater trip for the family, this river is great for the summer. The Skagit is the 2nd longest river in the state and is set in a beautiful mountain valley. The river is rated as class II-III river and is good for ages 8 and over. A moderate amount of whitewater is enhanced by the overwhelming presence of nature. The mountain scenery and abundant waterfowl make this a nature lovers outing. Your trip meets in the small town of Marblemount. Contact Us

Family Floats
Skagit River: Bald Eagle and Salmon Floats

The lovely Skagit River is a favored wintering place of the Bald Eagle. Welcome to Alpine Adventures' Wild & Scenic River's tour of the protected section of the Skagit River. The river from Marblemount to Rockport, is managed by a coalition of agencies, including the U.S. Forest Service, Washington State Department of Fish & Wildlife, Skagit County and the Nature Conservancy. This ten mile tour includes the Bald Eagle Sanctuary.

The Bald Eagles along the Skagit have migrated from the mountains and coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest. These birds congregate near an abundance of food - like the dead, spawned-out salmon. The salmon runs begin earlier in the rivers of Alaska and British Columbia, so the eagles migrate there first and then move south as the runs of salmon enter the rivers down here. The largest concentration of Bald Eagles in North America is in Alaska on the Chilkat River. Over 750 eagles have been counted there. The Bald Eagles wintering on the Skagit and nearby Nooksack River comprise the largest gathering of Bald Eagles in the lower 48 states.

Upper Skagit River Lodging
Skagit River Resort
(800) 273-2606
hotel Come visit us! We're close by the western entrance of the majestic North Cascades National Park. We have 125 acres for your enjoyment, a wonderful veriety of cabins with maltiple types of accommodations., river walking trails, facilities to make your stay pleasant and comfortable, and lots of bunnies that eat out of your hands.
Call the Skagit river resort for package options.

- Rafting for two
- One room for one night

Cascade Log Cabins 360-873-4106 Cascade Mountain Inn 360-826-4333
North Cascade Inn 800-251-3054 Three Rivers Inn & Rest 800-221-5122





Time to River

Clarks Skagit River Cabins 800-273-2606

5 min.

Alpine Campground & RV 360-873-4142

5 min.

Goodell Creek Campground 360-873-4500

20 min.

Rockport State Park 360-853-8461

10 min.

For more campground information, contact the following Ranger Offices

Mt. Baker Ranger Station
Darrinton Ranger District 360-436-1155
Skagit RangerDistrict 360-873-4500
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