March 25,2001



There was some blustery weather last night. Rain squalls and clouds streaming across the sky from the south this morning. And then two Bald Eagles circling in the wind right over us. It's the beginning of their mating ritual including aerial gymnastics that can span 1000 vertical feet. Eventually they drifted away with the wind. A nice wake up call for April.

How does one talk about this month? Everything is active. Plants, birds, animals and fish are preparing to mate. And the sky is filled with changing weather; bright sunshine one moment, thunderstorms the next with perhaps a rainbow in the late afternoon. At night the air is filled will the harmony of thousands of croaking frogs that mysteriously stop and start their activity under sometimes star filled skies.

I guess the idea is to just take it all in as you go. There was a guy here, a couple of days ago, who watched as over 40 elk passed across the Hoh River Trail, some as close as ten feet from him. He was surprised that they weren't frightened, but within the park boundary, fear of humans is much less. On my way to the river I passed puddles that were formed by the overflowing wetlands that were filled with baby fish and tadpoles. Sort of makes me feel secure in the company of all these life forms. And you can't leave April without mentioning the Steelhead Trout that will begin spawning in the rivers and the Grey Whales that are showing up along the coast now.

Got Basil started in the house and my Greek Oregano and Rosemary over wintered along with the St. Johnswort and Echinacea. Elephant Garlic takes longer to sprout than the regular ones. And I can start my lettuces, cabbage and broccoli in the hot box in a week or so.

                               Take it with ease,



  PS It was a pleasure, but not without conflict, to release the fish in the picture below.


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