December 27, 2000


               This winter as been very mild with the rainfall about 20% below normal and the temperatures averaging 5 to 7 degrees higher. The Hoh River has been running slower than in the past making this a good year for spawning salmon because the fertilized eggs now have a chance to hatch without being washed away by flood waters that can wipe away the fish nests. There has been more sun too which makes everything more pleasant.

                 Even though it's the end of December, I noticed the spear tops of a Crocus growing  in town a couple of days ago. The buds of the Salmonberry are showing green and beginning to bulge a little. I've never seen it this warm before, so things may begin to grow earlier than usual, if that's the way it works.

                 There is gobs of room at the hostel, so everything is relaxed and very quiet. I made some "experimental" caviar from   salmon eggs, so anyone that would like to try some is welcome to. It's very salty for my taste but is good when eaten with sour cream and crackers.

                                                     take it with ease,


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