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Mt. Rainier: Camp Muir, WA - page 3

I was invited by Ron to join he and Paul on a hike to Mt. Rainier's Camp Muir which is the half way point between Paradise and the summit of Mt. Rainier.

The trip to Camp Muir starts at Paradise (elevation 5400 ft) on the south side of Mt. Rainier. From Paradise it is 4.5 miles and about 4700 vertical feet to Camp Muir (elevation 10,188 feet). We started our hike at 8:30 am and arrived at Camp Muir at noon. The return hike to Paradise took just 2 hours.

I have a large number of pictures here because there is such a great variety of things to see at Mt. Rainier. I haven't included any pictures that are duplicates or that don't have something I that was interesting in them.

The Seattle Post-Intelligencer has an interesting ( article on the climbing rangers that work at Mt. Rainier's high elevation camps.

(September 28, 2002; up-3:30, down-2:00)

DSC00042.JPG DSC00050.JPG DSC00043.JPG
The trail I have been hiking on can been seen along the left side of this picture. Yes, I made it! This is a picture of me at Camp Muir with Mt. St. Helens in the background. Now it is time for some well deserved rest. You can see my feet in this picture and Mt. Hood in the distance.
DSC00044.JPG DSC00045.JPG DSC00048.JPG
I am sitting on a helicopter pad at Camp Muir. Looking towards the west four buildings can been see. Off the right edge of this picutre is a snow covered area where boulders were tumbling down the mountain. It is snows in the next picture. While I was at Camp Muir I saw several boulders crashing down this slope. I'm not sure exactly how bit they were, but, they were much bigger than the 55 gallon drums that can been seen to the left. The drums are used to melt snow for water. This is a close up of two of the buildings seen in a previous picture. The A-frame building is for the rangers.
DSC00049.JPG DSC00046.JPG DSC00047.JPG
A close up of the other two buildings seen in a previous picture. I believe the large building is used to store equipment used to take hikers to the summit. A group being led back to Paradise after coming down from the summit.
DSC00051.JPG DSC00052.JPG DSC00053.JPG
As the day went on high clouds moved in. This picture was taken at 3:30pm. I arrived at Camp Muir at noon. This is a picture of the Paradise Visitor's Center and parking lot from Camp Muir.

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The pictures in this gallery were taken with a Sony DCR-PC100 1-mega pixel camera. Email me if you would like a higher resolution version of any of these pictures.