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Besides proper fit, the other key to a comfortable trip is correct loading of your pack. While everyone has their own individual system for loading a pack, there are a few universal guidelines about weight and gravity. Gregory designs packs to keep the load close to your natural center of gravity, making it easier for you to move, change direction and perform critical tasks, like making a telemark turn before you hit that tree!

A properly loaded pack can be significantly more comfortable than one that is packed incorrectly. Start by loosening all of the packs compression straps, and if you prefer, all internal dividers. Put your sleeping bag in the bottom. Some people put their bag into a stuff sack, while others simply stuff it into the pack. Gregory suggests using a compression stuff sack to compress the bag to its smallest size. Next, place your tent body and fly, folded into a square. Close to your back. Above the tent, but no higher than your shoulders, should be your heaviest items: food, fuel, water filter, etc. Above this and away from your back should be lighter items, like clothes. The side mesh pockets may be used for water or fuel bottles, tent poles, and fly rods. Try to keep items which you need to get to quickly or frequently near access points or in outside pockets.

If you have any further questions on packing your pack or to order a new pack please don't hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-953-5499.