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Adams County Ohio

by Tom Ashworth


Gold has been reported to have been found around Peebles. I am not sure of the exact location. Maybe someone that knows will send it in soon.

Bellville County Ohio

by Tom Ashworth

Gold has been reported in this county, but I don't know the exact location. If you know, please send it in and help your fellow prospector.

Clermont County Ohio

by Tom Ashworth

Stonelick Creek

It is said that there is gold in Stonelick Creek and its tributary Brushy Fork. This is said to be one of the better areas in Ohio.

Franklin County Ohio

by Tom Ashworth

Blacklick Creek

A few sources say there is glacial gold in Blacklick Creek, there is some good glacial washout debris, best time to find washout debriefs is before flooding not after.

Hocking County Ohio

by Tom Ashworth

Queer Creek

Queer Creek in Hocking County contains gold.

Licking County Ohio

by Tom Ashworth

There are several locations in Licking County that contain gold, but the Jobes Property seems to be the most popular.

Jobes Property

If you go about a half mile out of St. Louisville or 5 miles north of Newark on the west side of state route 13, you will find the Jobes Property. This is a for fee property is what is reported and you need to call the owner John Jobes at (702)745-2325 to get the details. The property has reported a few small nuggets being found.

Morgan County Ohio

by Tom Ashworth

Muskingum River

The Muskingum River is said to contain fine gold.

Richland County Ohio

by Tom Ashworth


Gold is reported in the creeks around Butler, but please repect private property owners rights.

Ross County Ohio

by K.M.Teeters

Several creeks

I have personally panned fine and flake glacial drift gold in many western Ross County creeks. In some creeks it is plentiful especially in the bedrock. I have been panning the last few years and found flakes as large as 3/16". Yeah, I know, not very impressive but this is Ohio after all. I have also panned in Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico and not really done any better than at home. I didn't find much here at first but after studying glacial drift terminus and some trial and error I can now find it easily. You may be interested to know that I have tried other local counties and found only the slightest trace amounts in Adams and Hocking County. I've never tried Clermont County, but I had read that there was a small gold rush there in the late 1800's. Prospector's were finding a lot of "color" around Batavia and a mill was set up. When the mill was finished, the glacial drift gold had been collected and the mill closed within a year. I'm always looking for any other locals to share similar info with if there are any of you out there. I seem to be the only "prospector" around here. I hope this info is useful to someone

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