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The second great gold rush in America, took place in Georgia between 1828 and 1849. It was said that Ben Parks kicked over a rock about 3 miles south of Dahlonega and discovered a chunk of gold "as yellow as the yolk of an egg". The hills were filled with prospectors after that. Gold mining and prospecting continues today. My friend Jim Labuz and I dredged in the Chestatee River and a few area creeks and found some excellent "color".


by Tom Ashworth

Near the town of Ball Ground there are many area mines and prospects in exposures of decomposed bedrock. Southeast of town by 7 miles on the Etowah River is the location of the Creighton-Frankline Mine and it had a total production of 50,000 ounces by 1909.

Near the town of Holy Springs, if you go west 1 mile you will find the 301 mine. If you go west 4 miles (adjacent to the Little River) you will find the Cherokee Mine, which was a large producer of lode gold. If you go 2 miles north to the Cherokee Mine you will find the Sixes Mine, which was also a large lode mine.

Etowah River

Placer gold is reported in the Etowah River. Location is unknown.

Little River

Placer gold is reported in the Little River down river from The Sixes Mine.

Reported By: Dan Shannon

The Etowah river south of the Franklin mine. I believe that Coker Creek also has some color in empties into the Etowah just down river from several of the Ball Ground mines. I've seen fine gold with a shovel and sluice and coarse gold when dredging deeper faster water.
I recommend any Georgia prospector become a member of the GGPA which has 3-5 very nice properties on the Etowah that all bear gold.


by Dan Shannon

Any where on the Etowah River in Dawson is suitable for panning and dredging. Best areas are where the river enters and exits the county. The Big Savanah is in between and the river is slow and featureless but may also produce.


by Tom Ashworth

Near the town of Cumming all area stream and bench gravels contain placer gold. East of Cumming by 2 miles there is an old Hydraulic Working.

Near the town of Sugar Hill you will find the Simmons Mine. It was once a productive lode mine.

James Creek

Reported By: Michael Fredericks

Minor placer where James Creek flows into the Chattahotchee.

Reported By: Dan Shannon

The hydraulic mine east for Cumming is a gravel quarry now and because of the lake man made lake, its not very possible to get much further east of Cumming. I would recommend removing it from the where to find gold list. The Etowah river passes through the very upper tip of the county. As in Dawson there is gold there.


by Tom Ashworth

Near the town of Gainsville in all the regional creeks emptying into the Chattahoochee River there are many productive placer gold locations.


by Tom Ashworth

Draw a line from the Northeast Corner to the Southwest Corner of this county. The gold bearing areas occur with in 20 miles either side of the line. Very many placers and prospects.

Mining Shop and Club

Reported by: Michael Godfrey

There is a great shop and club in Tallapossa. The grubstake. Ask for the preacher or Roy, and tell them Michael sent you.


by Tom Ashworth

Northeast of the town of Danburg there are many old lode mines.

Northwest of Amity there are many old mines and placer prospects along regional creeks. You can find lode and placer gold.

Near Lincolnton all area streams contain placer gold.


by Tom Ashworth

Lumpkin County produced over 500,000 ounces of placer and lode gold. All area stream gravels, benches, terraces and hillsides contain placer gold.


Adjacent to the Chestatee River you will find the Boly Field Property which was an old saprolite deposit that contained lode gold. There are many mines on the Chestatee River: The Briar Patch Placers, The Long Branch, The Findley Mine (which was one of the richest in the early days) and the McDonald Mine.

I dredged in this county several years ago, with my friend Jim Labuz using a 3" dredge. We dredged near the Briar Patch Placers and did very well, but then we moved below the highway bridge that crosses the Chestatee River and goes into Dahlonega and we didn't do so well.


Contains Placer Gold.

Reported By:Dan Shannon

Hey Tom here is where I found gold! My favorite is the Etowah River south of Castleberry bridge which is south of about 4 mines on the north side of the bridge. Turner/David property. Baggs Creek south of the Blackburn park area. The south branch of Calhoun creek passes south of 2 mines whose tailings were washed into it.


McClusky Creek is located close to the Etowah River and you will find the Topabri Mine, which was a major hydraulic operation during the 1930's. This creek is said to be rich with placer gold.


Reported By: Will Holden

Yahoola Creek is located in the town of Dahlonega, in the middle of the Dahlonega gold belt! This is a great creek for the recreational gold miner. All of the property is privately owned, but some of the land owners are very willing to work out something with you. There is a great deal of history in these area and a short walk up the creek and you will see plenty of past mining ruins. There are other creeks and rivers in Dahlonega that carry substantial amounts of gold and if your in the area you should go to the GOLD museum in the town square (Its in the old court house). There is a small NON PROFIT club that has leased a few VERY good properties in the area. They are called the "Weekend Gold Miners" They are about 500 strong and it helps with the access problem that you may have.


by Tom Ashworth

Northwest of Thomson by 12 miles, adjacent to the Little River, there are many old placer operations. The Fluker Property was a large producer in the past. The Columbia Mine, The Park Mine, The Hamilton Mine and the Seminole Mines were all large producers.


The Little River contains placer gold in this county.


by Tom Ashworth


COUNTY: Paulding County

STATE: Georgia

Halfway between Cartersville and Dallas there are many old placer and saprolite workings that contained placer and free milling gold. The Old Twillery Mine was an old saprolite gold mine. East of Yorkville, 2.5 miles, you will find the Yorkville Mine, which produced free milling gold.


by Tom Ashworth

Warwomen Creek

Reported By: The Shootist

Lamar Mine is on lot 30, 2d district. Go to Warwomen Creek Road in Clayton, take this road about 10 miles toward Pine Mountain till you come to Willis Knob Road, FS Road 157, the old name for this road was Gold Mine Branch Road. Take FS Road 157 till you pass the parking area on the left side of the road, from pass the parking lot on the left side of the road the branch starts, this is the old placer mine.


by Tom Ashworth

South of Blairsville there are many old placer workings. Northwest of Blairsville by 5 miles you will find, in Teece Valley 1 mile below the highway crossing, a gravel deposit that contains placer gold.


by Tom Ashworth

Whites County is similar to Lumpkin County in that all area streams contain placer gold.


This creek is very rich and it is said to produce large nuggets. The Bean Creek mine was a major placer mine on this creek.


The Chattahoochee River contains rich placers near Nacooche River.


The Hudson Mine is located on this creek and was an old hydralic mine that produced a large amount of placer gold. The Horshaw mine was also a good producer.


There are many mines located on Little Tesnatee Creek. This creek has rich placer gold.


This river contains gold near its confluence with the Chattahooche River.


by Tom Ashworth

On U.S. 378 to the countyline, Near Washington go east, turn on to the first right fork road then take a left fork to crest of a hill, you will find the Magruder Mica Mine. It was a copper mine with by product of gold.

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