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Bigfoot Sightings

DATE: This incidence took place approx.1958.

Hubert&Doris Smith were my uncle&aunt. He is deseased & she lives in Texas. They sold out in 1968. They had never heard of big foot prior to this incidence and thought they were having contact with a giant of some sort.

LOCATION: Snohomish County; Arlington Washington .-Go North on Hwy. 530 to Trafton, turn Right. on 242nd St. NE. to Lake Riley area.

OBSERVED: An awful smell in the dairy barn then footprints in the barn lot leading up the hill to dense forest. A few days later tracks were found next to creek. Plaster of Paris prints were made. [Hubert&Doris Smith residence] Shortly after this, the school bus driver reported seeing a bigfoot cross the road in front of the bus. This was down by Jim Creek on 242nd st. Note; This happened before the road. was designated 242nd.,but it was where the big main power-line crosses the road.

ENVIRONMENT: Mountainous, heavy forest [fir and Hemloc] evergreen trees. A creek with some swampy areas, close by the house and barn.

ALSO NOTICED: In 1990 I went back to the old home place to see if I could find the Plaster of Paris foot prints that had been let in the saw mill. I was told that the new owners had made plaster of Paris prints of There own several years after they had bought the farm. I do not know their names. I could not find the original ones.



DATE: sometime between 8 and 10 PM, 7 DEC 79

LOCATION: Pierce County, west of Vaughn, Washington. Southbound on Rocky Bay Point Road.

OBSERVED: upright figure covered in black hair walking across road 20 to 50 ft. in front of our car as we drove home. I did not see much, as I wasn't looking forward until my mother screamed. My mother claims the creature was like a hideous ape with arms dragging. Size: "taller than your father"; Note: My father is 6'9".

ENVIRONMENT: Road close to Minter Creek as it runs into Rocky Bay, a small inlet where the tide completely recedes, leaving mud flats. Location, to a fairly accurate degree, determined by my description of road crossing Minter creek, rural, 2nd growth forest with, at that time, individual houses every mile or so. Abundant blackberry and salal bushes.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): Father driving car; mother in passenger seat. I was in back seat. Driving southbound, approx. .5 mile south of our house.

DATE: June 28, 1980

LOCATION: This sighting took place June 28th, 1980 on Mount Pugh, which lies between Monte Cristo and Darrington, Snohomish County, in the state of Washington. Pugh is a rugged 7224-ft peak in the North Cascades. A trail to the summit begins at 1920-ft passing through dense, rainforest-like woods and climbs steadily for about 5 miles before emerging from the trees in a boulder strewn alpine cirque. By following a steep switchback up to a notch called Stujack Pass at 5720-ft, the rim of the cirque is reached which leads by way of an exposed ridge to the summit pyramid.

OBSERVED: My partner and I summitted early in the afternoon of an overcast day. The familiar ascent had been particularly interesting in that we passed a herd of mountain goat with young that were grazing in the cirque meadow. We had also seen several marmots. After lunch and a nap on the summit we started down. We had descended through the Pass and were picking our way through boulders about halfway down the cirque when I turned and looked back up to where we had been a few minutes earlier. I noticed movement in the Pass. A large, dark, human-like form stood up and looked directly down at us. I stopped and asked my partner who was ahead of me, "What's that figure up in the Pass?" Neither of us spoke as we watched the form. The situation was very odd because we knew there was no one else on the upper mountain. Familiarity with the area and subsequent research indicates that there are no other routes to the Pass. It would be impossible to miss other hikers on the narrow exposed trail, not to mention the fact that at the outset ours was the only vehicle parked at the trail head. As we watched, the form began to vigorously wave its unusually long arms up and down and over its head. On speaking later of this odd behavior both my partner and I had clearly interpreted it to mean, "Get the hell out of here!" as opposed to, "Hello there." The gesture was definitely felt as menacing. (Although I thought of the camera in my pack I was reluctant to take my eyes off the figure for fear I would miss something. We watched transfixed for a few more seconds until low clouds moved in to cover the Pass. We continued down through the woods to the trail head and, as when we had arrived, ours was the only vehicle at the trail head.

Afterthoughts: What we saw was not a bear; its arms/front legs were way too long. It was not a human because we were the only ones there. In addition, the behavior seems very bizarre when applied to a human - if someone were trying to get our attention a shout would have made a lot more sense.

ENVIRONMENT: rugged alpine terrain


DATE: August 17, 1983

LOCATION: Squak Mountain, Issaquah Washington United States East of I-90. Squak Mt. is above mountain park hill in Issaquah.

OBSERVED: One day during a hike through the woods, My father and I heard large heavy foot steps on the opposite side of a dirt mount we were standing near. We are both experienced hunters, and this sound was unmistakably made by a animal with two legs. We both stood still and listened to the footsteps walk by us. As the sound drew nearer, we became a little nervous. It was almost as though what ever was walking was going to walk right over the dirt mound that separated it from us. Suddenly, the foot steps stopped only a few feet from us. There was an incredible vibration in the air as though it sensed us, and it knew, that we knew it was there. After what seemed like 8-10 minutes it resumed walking away. "I think I must have broken the world record, longest held breath". "I know we should have inspected the other side of the dirt mound for tracks or something, but the impression of fear was so overwhelming that we did not have any desire to see what is was. We only knew we wanted to get away from there quickly". Soon after, we relaxed a little and decided to start heading home. While walking to the car, we never talked at all until we were safely in our truck. People often talk about an odor of urine, while encountering these creatures, but my recollection was a strong pungent smell of ammonia.

ENVIRONMENT: The environment was dense woods (Pine) with hiking trails. The landscape was on a downhill slope. I remember there was a dirt mound that was about 8 feet high and seemed to stretch for about 60 yards or so. The elevation and longitude and latitude are what ever Squak Mt. is.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): My dad and I were walking and talking. Looking for grouse to shoot and take home.

June or July 1984 Washington

DATE: We got up at 6 and went on the day trip at about 8. Our camp was located just South of Ozette Island, aprox.: 719348. We spent aprox. 3 to 4 hours at Cape Alava, so somebody can do the math and figure out the aprox. time. It was still light however.

Month would have been anywhere from late June to Mid or Late July Year would be 1984

LOCATION: USA, Washington State, Clallam Co., Ozette Area.

Using USGS 7.5 minute topographical map titled: Ozette, Wash. Provisional Edition 1984 (I don't know how to use the Minute/Hour of Lat/Long system so this is an Army style grid coordinate of the incident)

Grid: Aprox. 717351 on the beach across from Ozette Island

OBSERVED: I was on a summer school field trip 12 day hike with both teachers and highschool students from my district. As memory serves, it was 5 or 6 teachers and about 20 or 30 teenagers. We were split up into 2 groups and coming back to our initial camp from a day trip to Cape Alava where we were doing a biological exploration of the tide pools and area. I was in the lead group of about half the kids, with I think 2 of the teachers. The second group was aprox. 1/2 to 1 mile behind us. I can't reacall the distance of them well. Our group crossed a small stream that came out of the treeline about 50 to 75 meters from the waterline. I remember the stream being too big to jump across, but not very deep. Only to just below the tops of my Raichle hiking boots. After we had waded the stream and walked/ran about another 300 meters down the beach, we were told to wait by one of the teachers. I remember stopping, and turning around to wait for the rest of my group with a couple more kids. As we were waiting and watching A black hairy bipedal creature emerged from the treeline at the stream. The creature was large in mass but I am unsure of height as the creature was partially bent over looking and reaching sporadically into the stream. We shouted to look at the thing to our group. As the group stopped and turned, we ran back maybe 20 feet to rejoin the group. As we all stood there and watched the creature came about half the distance of the stream towards the ocean, still looking and reaching into the water. While this was occuring, somebody started to whine as in fear, and the teachers with us began saying "Calm down, it's not what you think. Just relax, we know what you're thinking, but trust us it's not. Just calm down." Nobody up to this point had said the word "Bigfoot" yet, but then as I remember someone saw the other group way down the beach, and tried to shout a warning to them. They yelled, "Look! Bigfoot!!" At this point, the creature, stood straight up, and looked directly at us for a few quick seconds. I was so scared that I do not remember how tall it was, only that I have the impression of a very tall creature. It then turned to it's left and strode back into the woodline. I do not know how many steps it took, because once again I was very frightened. The other group started to run towards us, and our group started to go towards them until our teachers stopped us, and made us wait there. One teacher went to the creek, and met the other teachers that were in the second group there. One of the second group teachers herded the rest of the kids to us, where we were all now very excited and wanted to go check the scene out. The second group of kids all complained of a slight stench in the area of the stream, but none of our group smelled anything. There were either 3 or 4 teachers now conferring at the scene, with 2 waiting with us. When the other teachers came back, they said that what we saw was not Bigfoot, but just a black man, who was camping in the treeline. They said that he was naked, and that's why he was all black. I remember someone asking if they had talked to this man, and we were all told to ignore it, forget about it, and just plain drop the subject. All the teachers then started to really sell the "black man" story, but we were not allowed to go and see him for ourselves. Only a few of us kids believed this at all, and this was the start of a few other incidents that happened to us along the way.

ENVIRONMENT: Coarse beach, with sporadic driftwood accumulations. Heavy pine forrest to the East. Ocean to the West. Stream depth I estimate to be 5 to 6 inches deep, and maybe 10 to 12 feet in width. Stream was fresh water.

ALSO NOTICED: Every day from that time thereafter we all felt like we were being shadowed. Any time we were in a cliff or steep slope area rocks would always fall either in front of the group or behind the group. In these areas there was always tree cover on top of the cliff or slope, and nobody ever mentioned seeing anything.

We made another day trip to Allens Bay at the South-West portion of Lake Ozette to bathe after spending the day before repairing some benches and I beleive a latrine at the Norwegian Memorial. During our hike to Allens Bay, we all heard occasional heavy crahsing in the woods. Sometimes it would be heard in front of the group, and sometimes behind. Sometimes to the left of the trail, and sometimes to the right. Sometimes near, and sometimes far. The crashes would sound like a piece of heavy debris of some sort, falling through heavy undergrowth. They were never heard right after the other, and the duration between crashes was always different. When we got to Allens Bay, we all went swimming for a bit, and washed in the lake. We never heard anything while we were there, but we heard a few more crashes on our way back to the beach, though not as many as on the trip to the lake. The teachers kept telling us that it was just dead timber falling which it could have been, but it would be very coincidental that that much timber fell along our path to the lake and back.  We kept having the rock incidents every day we hiked, and once I remember we all encountered a horrendus smell just before we crossed a wooden footbrige over a large stream. Looking at the maps, I aproximate it as being on the USGS 7.5 Minute Allens Bay Washington Map, Provisional Edition 1984 at: 748178 2 Grids South of the Starbuck Mine site. We saw nothing, and heard nothing though. I remember the smell being extremely repulsive, but not like a skunk, rotten egg, nor dead anything. I can't describe it accurately except for it being extremely powerful, extremely awful, and slightly ammonia-ish.  We met up with our twin group that was hiking North from the Hoh Indian Reservation at La Push, where we were re-supplied. So this would be day 6 or 7. They were all enthralled by our stories, but said nothing had happened on their trip so far. We stayed the night down on the beach just South of La Push. I remember a huge gale hitting us that night, which may help pinpoint the time. After La Push, we only occasionally saw falling rock, and lost the feeling of being followed, so I don't know if it was because of the town, or the storm. The rock falls after La Push were also all smaller, and could have been natural. (as could all of them, but I don't beleive the others were natural.)

I don't remember the other group saying anything about any incidents on their way North from La Push, but I remember all of us being kidded about it after Summer School, and I don't like to discuss it much as it is a subject of much ridicule. I've tried to report it several times, but have backed away each time. This time I decided to actually report it, as I'm tired of hiding it away.  The school district that this summer school "Ocean Trek" was through, was Shoreline School District #412.The only teacher's name I remember is a Mr. Benson, and I remember his son Boyd being there, but these are the only names I remember with any certainty.

DATE: Oct. 1st 1994. We know this because the seasonal gate was just opened up. (It is posted as to when its locked and what date its unlocked.)

LOCATION: Grays Harbor Co., Wa. Wynoochee Dam area. Weather Wax Ridge Approx. 3,500 ft. elev.

OBSERVED: My brother and I along with our wives have never told anybody of the following story. Only our immediate family knows and in fact a cousin has prompted me to submit this story now. My brother and I along with our wives decided to take a weekend drive up to Wynoochee Lake on Oct.1st 1994. We were driving in separate vehicles. When we finally reached the Dam we found that the light rain had started turning to snow. We all decided it would be fun to drive to a higher elevation so we could get out of the slush and enjoy a better view. We noticed that a Ranger in the area had just opened the seasonal locked gate that takes you up to Weather Wax peak. NOBODY had yet drove up this road for at least 6 months. The Ranger had only unlocked the gate and drove away. (His truck tracks in the snow showed this, and it was the 1st of Oct. which is the day the gate is opened as posted.)We drove all the way to the top where the snow was approx. 8" deep. While we were driving along the top East side of the ridge my wife suddenly said "Stop the Truck". She pointed out some strange tracks that came out of the timber down a steep bank across the road and down into a VERY steep draw. My brother and I got out to look at the tracks and could not believe our eyes. I could not imagine anybody Walking around way up here and in this kind of weather. The tracks were very fresh and the falling snow had not yet distorted them. Looking closer we could easily make out toes and heal prints. They were very large both in length and width. It was very obvious that these tracks where just made. My brother walked up the bank and had to nearly jump from track to track to make the stride! It was not until we walked over to the other side of the road and looked down into where this thing went that fear started settling in. My wife began to get upset and wanted to leave right away. We could tell the tracks were very fresh and decided to get back in our trucks and leave. We talked about what we saw all the way back home and for the next couple of weeks. About 6 or so months later we were astonished to hear of Bigfoot searchers with helicopters based at the dam. They were even on national TV! We had not told anyone our story and this had reinforced our belief this was a bigfoot.  

ENVIRONMENT: This was on Weather Wax Ridge, just East of Wynoochee Dam. It was snowing fairly heavy at approximately the 3,500 ft level.

ALSO NOTICED: At the time my brother and I both worked in law enforcement. A friend who is also a Police Officer had told me that there was a team of experts up at the Dam with helicopters searching for Bigfoot evidence. This was approx. 6 months after our encounter with the tracks.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): Enjoying a ride in the mountains.

Witness Information: Andrew

Submitted by (confidential) on Tuesday, June 30, 1998

DATE: Late fall, (Nov. 1997)

LOCATION: USA, Wa, Corral Pass, (just before Crystal Mt. Ski Resort), near the top of the pass.

OBSERVED: 4 close friends and myself were camping at the base of Corral Pass. 2 of us have been believers for quite some time, the other 3 are staunch skeptics (Republicans). On the 2nd day of the outing,all 5 of us decided to go check out Corral Pass. We all packed into my 4-Runner and off we went. By the time we got near the top, it was quite cold and snow-covered. We got out and plotted our hike. I immediately began looking for tracks and within 15 min., we found some. They were bare (not bear) feet prints, about 16-18inches long X 8-10inches wide, and the tracks were about 45-60feet long, (which trailed off into an unsnowed on area). We've always been outdoorsmen, and seen various animal tracks before, and we even considered that maybe these were possibly tracks from huge boots, which melted outward some, then re-froze, but then we noticed something that convinced all 5 of us. On the top of each print were a huge set of TOES, (but absolutely no claws).As I pointed this out to my buddies they were speechless. We observed them individually, and in silence as we were all really convinced, staring at each other with flat-affects and big eyes. We continued on our trek, quitely, and didn't speak of it the rest of the trip. We've actually been squatch'n for about 10 years and this has been our first visual of evidence..., when you least expect it, I guess!!

ENVIRONMENT: Near the top of Corral Pass, parking lot, about 400 yards in directly in front of honey-bucket. Park-like setting, mountainside filled with wild Noble Christmas trees, berries of all sorts, ravines, lake, and wildlife everywhere.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): Scouting out the area and deciding what hiking route to take.

Posted to the BFRO List :

Submitted by Gene Gear (Contact Information Supplied upon Request to researchers)on Monday, May 18, 1998

DATE: Saturday, May 16th 1998 at 4:00-4:30pm

LOCATION: King County, Bandera Airstrip. 3/4 mile from end of USFS Road 9030 off I-90. The site is 100 yards to the east (upriver) from the western end of the airstrip, within sight of I-90.

OBSERVED: I found two unknown animal footprints, one I stepped on and destroyed, the other an obvious right foot. The print seemed a week or more old.

ENVIRONMENT: It was along a logjam infested river bar on the south fork of the Snoqualmie River. We had come through a heavily forested area to a spot where a creek meets the river, a gravel bar extends some 500 yards downstream from this point, and is about 150 yards wide. The airstrip is just above this area. there is a line of young alders that parallels the river, with a sandy spot around the upstream end. The prints were coming from the direction of the forest we had just come through and heading toward the river. The forest continued on the other side. we did not cross. There were other animal tracks, mostly deer, and a possible mountain lion track.

ALSO NOTICED: The woods we walked through are very creepy, a swamp extends along the airstrip side, and the river on the other. It's mostly dark and dank. I have never seen anything like this around here.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): We spend a lot of time each summer in this area. Usually we hang out and make sculptures(stack rocks, balance logs etc...). We were up for the first time this year to see if and how much the landscape had changed overwinter. I had a camera and took several shots of the print. I am trying to get back there to take a plaster cast and measurements.