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North Fork of the Skokomish River to Nine Stream

Trip report by: Gary Imler

"I would definitely recommend this trip to a friend."

Friday June 22 2001. partly cloudy skys,light drizle along Hood Canal.

As my first ever back country trip I was a little uncertain as to how far I could make it.Our destination Camp Pleasant. The trip started good , my pack felt just right. Loaded for only a one night stay with my daughter the load was moderate. The trail begins with a 4 mile ex-road bed, plenty of room for two to walk side by side.Gradually winding along above the Skokomish River through large timber, a 1984 forest fire and crossing many small streams the thoughs of civilization dissapear and nature seems closer. Amazing as it seemed we found ourselves as the only hikers (or it seems, as we did not see anyone else this day)in the area.

After 7 miles,we arrived art our originally planned destination, Camp Pleasant.Rightly named, the camp looked like a pleasant place to stay for the night. 4 well marked camping sites and a few hidden sites would make this a great place to stop over for the night. However having only hiked 5 hours, the sun shining a wounderful 70 deg and our legs still sturdy, we decided to press on to Nine Stream. Much to our delight it was a choice well worth the extra hour(and 3.5 more miles) it took to get to camp.

Beautiful sights seemed to await us around every bend in the trail as we passed large and small water fall streams, and flower filled open spaces. At Nine Stream the bridge has washed out and the only method of crossing was a cold(realy cold) and wet splash in the stream. Once up the bank, and on the other side Nine Stream camp greeted us with many inviting spots for the night.

A little look around however found us the best spot of all. Just past the privy the trail climbs a small hill to the left is the bear wire (we didn't see any,however the were reported in the Camp Plesant area), to the right are two campsites. Just past the second site look down by the river and on a bench below is the best site if you dont want anyone to be able to see you from the trail. 10 steps below that the river runs cold and clear so water is not a problem.(however it's roar is loud all night long)

The hike out seemed less exciting but much to see as the trail reverses all the sites you saw going up and a few new ones you don't see on the way in.

I would rate this as a must try as a new back country hiker. Moderate to easy for most but well worth it.

Note: This is backcountry wilderness travel. You are responsible for informing yourself of the hazards and taking the necessary precautions.

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