Main Fork Dosewallips

Quick Facts

USGS Maps: The Brothers, Tyler Peak, Mount Angeles
Vehicle Accessibility: Passenger Vehicle
Usage: Heavy in Summer
Recommended Season: MidSummer
Ending Elevation: 5,845 Feet
Elevation Gain, One-way: 4,110 Feet
Beginning Elevation: 1,640 Feet
Difficulty: Moderate
Length, One-way: 15.5 Miles
Reservation: No
Season: May - Mid-October


From Brinnon, Drive north on Highway 101 to Dosewallips River Road, number 2610. Turn westward (left) on to Dosewallips River Road and travel 15 miles to the ranger station and trailhead. The last portion of the road is narrow and steep. It may be slippery when wet.

Location Information

This trail begins at the Dosewallips Ranger Station, elevation 1,640 feet, and leads 15 miles northwestward along the Dosewallips River. The trail forms an access route for La Crosse Pass Trail, West Fork Dosewallips River Trail, Constance Pass Trail, Gray Wolf Pass Trail and Cameron Pass Trail. The trail terminus lies at 5,847 feet at Hayden Pass. North of this high mountain pass the name of the route changes to Hayden Pass Trail as it drops into the Elwha River valley.

Begin this route by walking northwestward from Dosewallips Ranger Station. A short distance from the ranger station the trail splits. The left side of the fork follows the Terrace Trail, which leads along a high terrace above the river. This trail eventually leads back to the main route. The main trail in the mean time crosses Pass Creek ascending 165 feet. After the two trails merge the route continues along the eastern bank of the river to Dose Forks. At this junction the trail leading to the left is the West Fork Dosewallips Trail. Follow the right side of the fork as it crosses a small stream and continues along the eastern bank of the river.

Approximately one mile from Dose Forks, and two and a half miles from the trailhead, a trail branches to the right. This is the Constance Pass Trail and it ascends the eastern valley wall then leads into the Olympic National Forest. Follow the left side of the fork. The trail continues to climb steadily upstream crossing six small streams in the next five miles. At this point the trail reaches Deception Creek, which is the largest drainage entering the Dosewallips River from the east. On the northern bank of Deception Creek is a camping area at 3,156 feet.

A mile and a half north of Deception Creek the trail reaches Gray Wolf Trail. At this fork the Main Fork Dosewallips Trail leads to the left. The trail veers northward from this for as the river turns to the west. Approximately two miles from Gray Wolf Pass Trail our route reaches Bear Camp lying south of Lost Peak. This camp lies on the edge of a subalpine meadow with great views of the surrounding summits. The trail remains in forest as it climbs, but the trees open somewhat to provide better views as the track climbs.

Nearly two miles from Bear Camp the tread reaches a junction with the Lost Pass Trail. At this point you'll enter Dose Meadows and enjoy close up views of the Summits, Mt. Claywood, Mt. Fromme and Sentinel Peak, at the head of the valley. A primitive camping area in Dose Meadows provides a bear wire, pit toilet and ten designated sites.

From the Dose Meadows Camp to Hayden Pass is almost two and a half miles. Within a half mile of the camp the trail crosses the outlet stream for Claywood Lake then turns southward to cross Dosewallips River. After crossing the river on a wooden foot bridge the trail begins to ascend quickly using switchbacks through subalpine forest. Within a half mile the track crosses the river again and continues to switchback up a steep slope to Hayden Pass. This portion of the trail may be covered with snow until late summer because it is north facing. The pass lies at an elevation of 5,847 feet between Mt. Fromme, to the north, and Sentinel Peak, to the south. On the western side of the pass the trail descends slowly into the Hayes River valley then ends at the Elwha River Trail.

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