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Permits in Olympic National Park


Wilderness Camping Permits are required for all overnight trips into the wilderness backcountry of Olympic National Park.

A wilderness camping fee is charged for all permits and includes a $5 permit registration fee, plus $2 per person per night. There is no nightly charge for people 15 years old and under.

Check the Wilderness Trip Planner for more information on visiting and enjoying the Olympic Wilderness.

Special Park Use permits are required for some activities such as special events and commercial filming and photography. Applications for permits should be submitted to the appropriate park official well in advance for consideration and processing.

Special Use Permits are required for special events such as weddings and other ceremonies, meetings, gatherings, distribution of printed material and other public expressions of views, memorializations such as the scattering of ashes from human cremations, and other activities that are otherwise controlled or prohibited. To apply for a Special Use Permit for a special event such as a wedding , contact the park at (360) 565-3090 or c/o Olympic National Park, 600 East Park Avenue, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

Commercial Filming Permits are required (with some exceptions) for all commercial filming and photography within the park. More info.

Commercial Use Authorizations are required before conducting any commercial business activity within the park. For more information and to apply for a Commercial Use Authorization, contact the Concessions Specialist at (360) 565-3007 or c/o Olympic National Park, 600 East Park Avenue, Port Angeles, WA 98362.

Scientific or Research Permits are required before conducting any research within the park. An online application process is administered nationally, but we recommend that you also contact the park's Research Coordinator Jerry Freilich at (360) 565-3082 for more information and to help facilitate the application process.

Each permit application is peer reviewed, so please allow at least three to four weeks for processing time.


Did You Know?

Mossy downed log in dense forest

Did you know that in 1988, Congress designated 95% of Olympic National Park as Wilderness. The Olympic Wilderness is a part of the National Wilderness Preservation System.

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