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Joe Hull
Olympic National Park

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Hikes, Scrambles, Climbs

Main Fork Dosewallips River to Dose Meadows and 1000 Acre Meadows

Sunday our Gang of Six hiked from the Dosewallips River trailhead (watch out for clueless rangers trying to foist bear barrels onto your backpack and keep you out of the backcountry) about 7 miles and a thousand or so feet of elevation gain to our first camp at Deception Creek. The trail goes up and down a bit, not too bad, mostly in mature trees but occasionally some limited views. Not much to say about Deception Creek camp; a privvy and established tent sites right along the trail.

Monday we continued onward 5.5 miles and a couple1000 more feet upwards to Dose Meadows, where we camped. More views, though still limited, along this stretch. Some nice meadows along the trail, especially at Cub Creek/Bear Camp. After setting up the tents, we continued onward with light packs. The bridge over the Dosewallips is gone, but we were able to scramble across, as the water was low (more on this later). The trail switchbacks up towards a pass, with rocky Sentinel Peak (a former fire lookout). When the pass comes in sight, as you cross a small creek on a tiny footlog, veer left up the steep meadowy hillside following a way trail to a spur ridge crest, then cross a meadowy and marshy slope to the edge of 1000 Acre Meadow, which is very scenic. EXCEPT, some BOZO decided to put his tent right in the middle of the meadow! Camp in the trees, MORON. Lots of bear sign but no bears to be seen.

Tuesday it rained.

Wednesday it rained.

Thursday, in the rain, we hiked out, all the way to the cars, where it was not raining, the sun came out, mocking us. We had planned on camping in the subalpine zone and doing a bunch of scramble climbs, but the weather kiboshed that. With the water coming down the Dose, we would NOT have been able to cross at the missing bridge. So we were stuck on the "good" side rather than trapped. Many people were fleeing from the backcountry through Dose Meadows camp. On Tuesday, a woman drowned trying to wade across the Quinault River.