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Succeeding Mr. Melchior was a Mr. Davies, followed by Mr. Sells. Next came Miss Edith Tuttle, who lived at the Sargent home. She tried to promote the social life of the community by organizing a literary society. It was well attended by both men and women. The home-talent programs were varied. There were recitations, musical numbers, skits - such as "the Unveiling of the Bust of the Great Commentator" which proved to be no more than a "common tater" or potato. Later, spelling bees and debates were held. Kate Murhard recalls one, "Resolved that Marriage is a Success." She was appointed leader on the affirmative and had studied up on Brigham Young and Solomon and was prepared to win. However, Gust's canoe was swept away in high wter, and she couldn't even attend the meeting.

Miss Tuttle was followed by Mr. Styles, an Adventist. He resigned during the year to take a position in his church. Mrs. Mary Boyd finished the term very creditably.

Preceding Christmas, one year, a meeting was held and it was voted to hold the Community Christmas party at the schoolhouse. Later the villagers got together, and decided to have it at the Humptulips store. When the settlers beyond the schoolhouse heard of it, they were very angry, and although the town folks coaxed them to give in this time, they would not. They were determined to hold their own celebration in the schoolhouse as voted. Whereupon, Newton Brittain went to town and bought some tinsel, tree ornaments, and candy. Kate Murhard baked a huge apple pie in the lid of a fifty-pound lard can and placed it under the tree for Gust.

While the women were decorating, Ben Newnham came in with a gift for Elda Roberts. That evening the program was a success and the tree was a delight to the children. Mrs. Murhard recalls that she received a large glass pitcher filled with candy. She had a shaving mug for Gust. Then refreshments were served, everyone having a piece of the huge pie.

However, the Christmas celebration was the cause of a division among the settlers, the Newnhams at first siding with the Sargents, Murhards, and Brittains, but later going over to the opposition. Not long after the holidays there was a school election. Kate Murhard was already Clerk of the Board. The voters at her end of the community met and decided on their candidates. The villagers did not organize and their votes were widely scattered. In consequence, Newton Brittain, Gust Murhard, and Charley Sargent were elected to the Board. The villagers, being more numerous, were highly indignant.

During a week-end, the schoolhouse burned and the term was finished in the Trayse House near Sargents. Thereafter, school was held in Humptulips. Some later teachers were: Flossie Pearson of Lewis County, 1898-99; Jeanie Shaw, 1899-1900; Homer Dunning, 1902-02; George Powell, 1906-07; Elva Junk 1907-08; Eldon Williams taught 1908-1909, and married Mabel Kneale, Della Kirkpatrick's sister.