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In 1889, Kluck and Davidson opened the first store on the Prairie. The building also housed the post office, with Perry J. Davidson as first postmaster.

Harry Evans, Sr., says:

"The post office was established in 1889. James R. Lindsay carried the mail the first eleven months. Then E. R. Davis carried it thirteen months, making two years. A man from Washington, D.C. by the name of Rupert contracted.

I, Harry Evans, started to carry mail in 1891. Slover sublet the contract the next two years to Frank Zeigler and Harry Evans. E. R. Davis carried the first mail into Quinault. Steele in London, Kentucky, got the next contract for four years. Harry Evans sublet the contract, and Frank Zeigler carried the mail to Quinault.

The next contract I secured from the government, myself. Also, the following four-year contract. The last year I sold the contract to Lyon and Irwin, making thirteen years and eight months I carried the mail all told."

Shortly after Kluck & Davidson's arrival, probably in 1890, Dave & Best erected another building, housing the Pioneer Hotel and a small store.

Mrs. Davis was Best's daughter, Martha. She is credited with killing a cougar near the store. She was working in her garden one evening when a cougar jumped onto her dog. Mrs. Davis killed the animal with a grub hoe. However, the cougar was poor and old and weak, and the dog had about finished it.

Bertha Sanders, Aldridge recalls that in 1892, while she was attending school in Humptulips, the children knew that William Kluck was romantically interested in Lyda Brittain. However, her father wouldn't let her keep company with any of the young men. So they made up a rhyme to fit the situation:

First the glove and then the mitten
William Kluck and Lyda Brittain