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On Dec. 28, 1905, he married Miss Ione Zeigler, also a Hoosier, born at Dayton, Ind. Oct 19, 1874. Their home was established in Hoquiam.

After his accident he followed filing, and was employed at the following camps: C. E. Burrows, Brays Harbor, Copalis Lumber Company, Stanton & Polsons Camp No. 3, where he filed for seven consecutive years.

A daughter, Margery Edna, was born March 13, 1910.

In the spring of 1919 he decided to change occupation, and bought a small place in the Salmon Creek settlement in Clark County. There he farmed and raised poultry. It was there that Margery met and married Harry Wm. Hoaley. The wedding day was Feb. 16, 1930. The cermemony was performed by Chaplain J. W. Bear, in the Mt. Tabor church.

Lyman Beecher Brent, passed away on July 6, 1931, and was buried in Park Hill cemetery at Vancouver, Washington. He was the first of his family to go, leaving his mother, then 91 years of age, his wife, and daughter, sisters, and brothers to mourn his passing. He lived a quiet, peaceable life, was a faithful husband, and loving father and a true friend to friends.

Ione Brent passed away in 1938 and is buried beside her husband.

Brent was well liked and following the accident his friends made up a purse to help defray his expenses at the hospital. Beecher gave the money to his sister to buy herself a bicycle, as she had quite a distance to walk to the hospital.

While he was batching on his claim, Beecher's main topic of conversation with the settlers' wives was food. "You take some canned peaches, put them on hot bisquits, and pour over some cream. Tell you what, that's good !", he'd say, rubbing his stomach.