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By now, Johnsons had Charley, May, Bird, and Art. Bessie was born in 1928, after they left Humptulips, Mrs. Johnson dying in childbirth. The family left Washington because of Mr. Johnson's ill health. Went first to Phoenix, Arizona, but later moved to Azusa, California, where he died in October, 1927.

Cap. Johnson, Jr., was born March 25, 1874. On Dec 8, 1907 he married Viola Groseclose in Hoquiam. Their sons were Charley, Bryon Roy, and George Bill.

All the other Johnson children married and raised large families.

Cap., Jr. and Carson Newnham logged together. Then Cap became interested in a saw mill with Fred Williams in Hoquiam. In later years, Cap ranched and became quite prosperous, making his home at Humptulips.

Cap Johnson was still a lad when Proctor Brown asked, "Why don't you get married Cap?" "Can't afford it," he replied. "Oh." said Proctor, "It don't cost us much. Only about ten dollars a month, except at Christmas when we get foolish and buy a few raisins and some candy."

Dan McGillicuddy says of Cap: "He was head and shoulders above other people in size, and he was a "cut-up". He had a way of dropping one eyelid that was very disconcerting to anyone watching him. Sadie Brown, a Sundy School teacher at Humptulips, used to put on programs. When the children would be reciting, Cap would stare at a boy until he got his attention. Then he'd drop his eyelid and the poor boy would forget his lines.

Cap Johnson was a large-framed, powerful man and a successful bear hunter. One morning he was about to start out with his dogs when he remarked to his wife, the former Viola Groseclose. "I don't feel very good. Guess I'll lie down a while." When some time passed and he didn't get up, "Vi" went to see how he was feeling. She found him dead.

Kate Murhard relates that one year Mrs. Johnson made blackberry jam, but didn't put enough sugar into it to keep it. So, she put a layer of sugar on top and put the crock under the house where it would keep cool. Kate had a pet pig that always followed her like a dog. When she went over to visit Mrs. Johnson, the pig went under the house and came out very contented.

But alas for the blackberry jam !