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"Not long after her husband's death, Anna Lindsay sold her interest in the logging company and with her two younger boys returned to California. Some four years later she married a wealthy orchardist by the name of Mitchell. He proposed that if she would let him adopt the two boys, he would make them his heirs. She agreed. Thereafter, James, Jr. whose nickname was "Junie" because he was born in June, was known as Allan Mitchell. He is now a lawyer. His brother became Joe Mitchell. He is a writer and newspaper reporter in New York City. On the death of Mr. Mitchell his wife Anna inherited orchards which gave her an income for the rest of her life. The boys likewise inherited orchards."


William P. Johnson, son of an old sea captain, was born in Maine in 1845. He was a cavalryman in the Civil War and took part in the battle of Richmond, Va. He was wounded in the face, and carried a silver plate until his death. After the war he went to Kansas where he met Mrs. Johnson, who was of Irish descent. Their children, Bill, Cap, Fanny, and Min were born there.

They came to Seattle in the seventies. Hunted deer and sold to miners with pack horses. Went East of the mountains and bought a dairy, but failed. Went to the Blue Mountains of Oregon. After several years moved to Olympia.

In 1889, William Johnson came to Humptulips to use his homestead right. Living next door to the Brent family in Olympia, he and Lyman Beecher Brent came together to stake out adjoining claims and build their cabins. The following year they moved the Johnson family in with their own team.