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One of the swindled men, a Swede, reached up and took Walker's rifle off the wall. But before he got out of the clearing with it, "Preacher" Walker grabbed his shotgun and yelled, "Hey, wait a minute." When the two men turned, he shot the Swede in the chest. He dropped to the ground and lay there mumbling "Get me a doctor, quick". His companion called to Gust and together they carried him to the canoe. The river was dangerously high, but, thinking him seriously wounded, Gust agreed to take him to Hoquiam.

At the jam between Brittains and Angelos they dragged the canoe through a slough for a quarter of a mile, with the apparently unconscious Swede lying in the bottom. When they reached the mouth of the river they again dragged the canoe for three-quarters of a mile over a trail. At the Indian village they transferred the injured man to a sailboat and brought him across the bay to Hoquiam.

Dr. McIntyre, a gruff man used to dealing with tough frontiersmen, opened the Swede's shirt and looked at his chest. Then at his back. In disgust he gave him a resounding slap on the back and roared, "You don't need a doctor. Just got a few bird-shot under your skin. That's all. You can pick 'em out yourself. Get Out !" His companion and Gust were first astonished then indignant at his deception. "You're yellow. You deserve to be shot" Gust declared.

Meanwhile someone had reported the shooting to the Sheriff and Walker was taken into custody, tried and sentenced to six months in jail in Montesano. While there he was given the job of buying the groceries and cooking for the prisoners. For this he was paid $50.00 per month. He really enjoyed it, while his wife and daughter stayed alone on the claim.

But Molly Walker was not timid. When a neighbor's dog attacked hers she grabbed a pitchfork and was about to stick it into the strange dog when the owner interferred.

George Walker used to come into the cabin with his boots on, sit down, stick out one leg, whistle and call "Molly". When she came, he'd point to his boot for her to pull it off. And she did.