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Mr. Brittain was an excitable man. Seeing a red-headed woodpecker which he wanted to shoot, he ran into the house and grabbed the gun. "Be careful with that gun, Newt", his wife said. "Aw, be careful, be careful", he snorted. "Bang" went the gun and shot a hole in the ceiling. He rushed outside and shot one of his own hens with a bright-red comb.

Another time he thought he was going to shoot a bear. As he aimed he discovered that it was Charley Sargent's black calf. When Charley heard of it, he said he would have sacrificed the calf willingly just to get a joke on Newt. He used to delight in telling the following story:

"While they still lived back East, Newton Brittain and Chas. Sargent were going to vote in the state election. As it was a long way to the polls they usually stopped at a half-way place where they knew the family - an elderly man and his son and daughter-in-law. The son had accompanied Newt and Charley to the polls and when they came home he said for Newt to sleep on the hard couch, and for Charley to sleep with the old man. However, since their last visit, the beds had been changed around.

Newt, wanting to get the best of Charley, slipped into the bedroom and went to bed. The host, who was busy making up the couch, finally said, "Where's Newt?" When he found him, he said, "Newt, you better get out of there." "No, this suits me fine", Newt replied. And, thinking they were trying to get him out to put Charley in, he made no move to get up. Then his host said gruffly, "Newt, you get out of there. You're in bed with my wife." At that Newt cried out in dismay, "Charley ! Charley !" and made for the couch in a hurry."

Kate Murhard relates the following story:

"Brittain had a cow he called the old "blue"cow. She was mean. And a mean cow is worse that a mean bull because a bull shuts his eyes when he charges, but a cow keeps them open. One day the blue cow charged Newt and he had to climb a tree. He'd been there some time when his son Fred came along and chased her away with a club. Since this cow roamed the woods at will, Mrs. Brittain was afraid to go any where."

However, Kate wasn't so timid. One rainy day she took an umbrella and walked the trail to Brittains. She had reached the tip of the bluff above their house when she came face to face with the cow coming up. Kate opened the umbrella in her face. That cow was so frightened she didn't even take the trail but ran and slid down hill through the underbrush. Kate was hoping she'd break her neck, but she didn't. After that Mrs. Brittain went armed with an umbrella.