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"Following several years of logging, Fred Brittain decided to go into the bee business on the family homestead. He made his start by capturing a few wild swarms and building hives for them. They are especially fond of the native "fire weed" which is plentiful and makes good honey. The hives multiplied from year to year until he had about three hundred. In 1927, his banner year, Fred harvested and marketed thirty tons of honey. In later years he made more money by renting his bees to orchardists to polinate the fruit.

Charley Brittain married Ethel Sayder, in Portland in 1911, and brought her to a cabin above Murhards where the brothers Darwin, Fred, and Charley were logging. On Nov. 6, 1913, a son, Wayne Sargent, was born. Later Brittains moved to California where for many years they operated the "Hacienda", a motel outside San Francisco. Wayne Brittain married Wilma Tracey, an Olympia girl. They had a daughter, Janice Elanore, born July 22, 1932. After his retirement, Charley Brittain and his wife moved to Portland, Oregon.

Having moved from Olympia in the nineties, Granpa Levi Sargent and his wife were running a hotel in Aberdeen. Their daughter Laura contracted tuberculosis and passed away, two sisters, Alice and Jessie having died before the family came West. In 1894, at the age of 23, their son Walter dropped dead in Hoquiam at a farewell dance given for Doctor South.

After a lingering illness, Levi Sargent died in 1900. My mother, Mary Sargent Brittain, was at the bedside of her sister and her father in their long sickness. She also attended her mother who passed away in her sleep in 1918, following a long siege of heart trouble. Mother's sister Clara, who never came West to live, died in Iowa in 1930. Sisters Alma and Ada Sargent lived with their parents and helped run the hotel.

Charles C. Sargent married Kate Monroe. They were the parents of five children - Roy, Nellie, Jessie, Jennie, and Ethel. In their youth, Jessie, Jennie, and Ethel died of tuberculosis. After proving up on their homestead in the Humptulips valley, the family moved to Aberdeen where they opened a hotel."