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"In 1902, the year of the "dark day" my father replaced our first family shanty with a nice new house, one of the nicest in the valley. The lumber was cut at the Walker sawmill, and Mr. J. I. McNutt, a pioneer of the Promised Land, did most of the hauling. The shingles were all cut and shaved by hand by myself. Otis Roberts, son of a Humptulips pioneer, was the contracting carpenter. He and I also helped with the building.

In 1924 my father and mother celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary in this home. But, as Mother's health was not good, we had only a family gathering.

In 1928, My mother was crowned Queen Mother by the Pioneers at their third annual picnic held in Humptulips. On Sunday, August 7, 1932, the day of the 7th Annual Picnic, Mary Brittain passed away. She was loved by all who knew her, and a sweet remembrance will continue as long as one of those early associates lives.

Lyda Brittain was engaged to Norman McDonald who worked in Geo. Davis' Camp. Newton Brittain worked there too, and Mrs. Brittain cooked for the outfit with Lyda as her assistant. Newton, who had objected to all the Humptulips boys, liked McDonald, who was considerably older than Lyda. McDonald didn't go to Humptulips often to see Lyda, but when he got ready to be married he sent word for her to come out to Hoquiam. At that, Newton spunked up and sent back word, "If you want Lyda, come and get her."

Instead of hiring a couple of riding horses, Norman walked in to get his prospective bride. Whereupon Brittain loaned Lyda a horse to ride to New London, while Norman walked beside her. They were married in 1894 at the George Davis home. Later Norman McDonald operated the Hoquiam River Ferry. Their home was at the east end of the present Eighth Street bridge.

To this union were born two children: Grace, on May 31, 1895, who died at the age of fourteen, and is buried beside her father and mother in Hoquiam. Clifford, born in July, 1896. He has one daughter, Mary Jane, who lives with her mother.

Fred Brittain married Annie Groseclose of Humptulips at the home of his sister Lyda, in Hoquiam, Dec. 8, 1906. The ceremony was performed by Rev. Laurie. Their children are : Marian Grace, who married Fred Cramer, Clarence Frederick, and John Dodge."