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Next to settle near Stevens Prairie was Gust Murhard. His father, Otto Murhard, a native of Germany was living with him. Gust's mother, Caroline Bauchman, was born in the Carolinas. Otto migrated from the old country at the age of sixteen and worked in the South where he and Caroline married.

There was talk of war between the states about the time he decided to come to Portland, Oregon. They made the trip by boat around the Horn in 1858. Gust was born on July 4th of that year. Later three more children were added to the family, Henry, Caroline, and Josephine. Mrs. Murhard died when Josie was born, and is buried in Portland. Otto Murhard and his brother Gust Murhard, having taken homesteads where the city now stands. Otto sold his claim to his brother.

Following Caroline's death the children were separated. Otto took little Gust with him into a succession of logging camps, while Henry remained in the vicinity of Portland. Caroline married her cousin George Krause and lived at the Dalles. They had one daughter, Hannah, who married a Davenport and still lives at the Dalles. Josie married Hurt Butterfield and settled on Hunker Creek near Centralia. To them were born five girls, Mabel, Anna, Grace, Eva, and Maud, and four boys, Jerome, Wyman, Forest, and Gust. Most of them still live around Centralia. Anna, Eva, and Maud Butterfield lived in Aberdeen for several years. Eva married Harry Prentice of the pioneer Clearwater family. After a few years in Hoquiam they moved to Medford, Oregon. Grace married Guy Hilow (assistant fire warden under Frank Wedekind) and lives in the Wynoochee Valley.

Gust Murhard grew up mostly around Snohomish, and did his first logging there at the age of eighteen. Then he and his father moved to Porter Creek and logged there on a small scale. Unfortunately, while the raft was being towed to the mill, the boomsticks parted and the logs went out to sea, leaving Gust flat broke.