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A son, Ernest, continues the narrative:

"Mr. Sudderth went first on July 12, 1885, and stayed with Mr. Axford while he build our cabin. Then he filed on his claim and returned to Olympia. Before he got back to Axford Priairie, Mr. Axford died. Father started out for his new home with wife and baby, a team and wagon, and some stock. Leaving wife and baby in Montesano, he loaded the stock on a scow and went on to New London. He drove the cattle in over the trail to Axford, then came back for his family. Wife and baby had gone to Campbell Hotel in Hoquiam, and there had taken a canoe and reached New London.

There, hugging her baby in her arms, Mrs. Sudderth mounted a small white pony (a pack horse) and started on the long trail. After a while she trusted her pony who, accustomed to carrying packs, twisted this way and that, protecting his load ! Mr. Sudderth with a huge pack on his back led the way.

At one time the pony began turning round and round, Mr. Sudderth, coming back to see what was delaying them found the pony had stepped into a yellow jacket's neat and was having a hard time. Luckily neither wife nor baby were attacked by the yellow jackets.

Arriving at Axford, they set up housekeeping in the old Axford house where they stayed two years while Mr. Sudderth hewed logs and built a home of his own. When finished, he had a house forty two feet long with four large rooms, two upstairs and two down, with a large hall on each floor.

At first it was necessary to haul water in summer and catch it in winter. Then Mr. Sudderth dug a well forty-four feet deep. The water was drawn up with a windlass. Trees for his orchard were brought from Montesano and from abandoned claims. He also got his start in berries and chickens from there."