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In 1885, the J. P. Sudderth family settled at Axford Prairie.

Mrs. Emmaline Sudderth writes:

"My father, Cornelius Van Dorn, was raised in Pennsylvania. Spoke the German language. He followed tailoring, carpentry, and school teaching. In later years he took a farm in Texas. He fought in the Mexican War, and passed away at the age of sixty-three years.

My mother's parents were Samuel and Hannah Woody, and lived in Tennessee. Suzanne, my mother, was born on a farm there in 1830. Her parents moved to Illinois, taking a flat-bottom boat. My father was second mate on this same boat, and while on this trip became acquainted with my mother. They were married in Illinois in 1849. Following the birth of four children (Thersey, Juliette, Samuel, and Esther) they moved to Texas.

My mother's parents were the first white settlers in northwestern Texas, twenty-one miles from Fort Worth. Her brother had come to visit them and after hearing of the wonderful farming possibilities there, they came back to Texas with him.

Here the following children were born:

Cornelius Woody - 1856
Isadore - 1859
Hannah - 1862
and Emmeline - March 21, 1864, who later married James P. Sudderth"