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In addition to settlers, Ida Trough recalls a number of families who lived for a few years in the area:

"Amund Amundsen, a bachelor, had a place which was later owned by Archie Bonham, a manual training teacher in the Hoquiam schools.

Ole Auberg and his wife lived there with their six children: Arne, Randy, Christine, Bertha, Thilda, and Emil.

Their place sold to Mr. and Mrs. Green who with their children, Ethel and Eddie, lived there many years.

Hazleton and Angie Stowe came from Centralis with two children, Ray and Carl, and settled in New London in 1890. There another son, Clark, was born to them. Mrs. Stowe died many years ago, but Mr. Stowe still lives there with his son Ray and sister-in-law Mrs. McWatty. Mrs. Amity Newton, mother of Mrs. Stowe and Mrs. McWatty, came to New London in 1909.

The Eberwein family lived at the Landing in early days, and the children, William, Louise, Rosa, and Minnie attended school there.

Still another early resident was Michael Hanrahan, whose wife was Mary Larkin of the pioneer family of Montesano. Hanrahan logged with Davis and Dineen. While they resided at New London, a daughter, Catherine was born, in Hoquiam. She married William L. Reid and lives in Aberdeen.

Bernard Creek was named for the Bernards who logged there."