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The eldest daughter, Ella, first married Chris Hanson. They had two children, Leslie and Ruth. Eva has the distinction of being the first white girl born at New London.

In 1903, Ellingson was logging in partnership with Eric Moe. Ellingson was doing the rafting down the river. He'd get the raft into the current when the tide was going out. When it turned, he'd tie it up along the shore. Then he'd maneuver it downstream again on the next tide. He was doing this when he fell in and was drowned. After his death, Ella and Emma attended to his business affairs.

Amund Ellingson had a brother, Holge, who lived at New London in the early days, and later moved to Hoquiam. His children were Emil, Lizzie, Eddie, Clara, and Stein.

Lena Ellingson also had a sister Susie who married Ed Smith and lived in Hoquiam. Their children were: Vera, Margie, Agnes, Ethel, Exina, Mabel, Doris, and Ed, Jr.

Ed Smith, Jr. is now president of the Junior College with new buildings in South Aberdeen. Ethel runs the Grayport Transfer Co. in Hoquiam. Mabel was employed in the post office for many years. Doris, in the city hall.


In July, 1892, Peter Hansen Egge and his wife, Karina, with their three children - Henry - six; Ida - three; and Olena - three weeks old, arrived in New London and settled about a quarter of a mile from Amund Ellingsons. While their house was being built, the Egges stayed with a family by the name of Couch.

The following relationships may seem rather confusing unless you understand that in Norway each generation had a different family name.

Three years previously, the Egges, accompanied by their two children and his parents, the Hansens, had come to Montesano from Grafton, North Dakota. Peter Egge was a road builder, and worked for some time around Ocosta. He became acquainted with Amund Ellingson, and after hearing of the opportunities around New London, purchased a portion of his land, sight unseen. Following the birth of Olena in Montesano, the family moved to their new home. Later their third daughter Constance was born there.