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Drawing his son's attention to the scene, Ridgeway told him to slip quietly to the house for a gun. In the meantime he kept a lookout for the cougar's approach and decided to jump for the fire rather than face the large cat. However, sensing the approaching danger, the cougar took his leave before Clinton had time to return.

In 1945 Roman Gill and brother James Gill, High School students of Hoquiam, came into the Queets, fishing. They heard a rustling in the brush. Thought it was a deer. Roman ran around a log and faced a cougar about fifteen feet away. The cat thrashed his tail, and Gill was afraid he would spring, so he called for Jim. When Jim got there the cougar hit for the thick brush. Next day they found a hundred-and-fifty pound deer it had killed.

Jane Donaldson recalls that in 1907 her father, Frederick Donaldson, retired from following the sea. Later he built a small sawmill on the Queets.

In 1909, because of ill health, Mother went to Seattle. In February, 1911, she died and is buried there. My sister Belle, who had gone to be with Mother, was operated on for appendicitis, contracted pneumonia, and died in September, just a few months after Mother.

Mrs. Streater continues, "When our younger son Will was four years old he started to school with his brother so he wouldn't be lonely. They had a mile to walk through the woods with the teacher.

By this time there were several teachers in the valley, not too far away. On week-ends they would gather at someone's house and enjoy each other's company.

Charley and I had a boarder who was not too well. He had come into the woods for his health. One weekend two women teachers came to visit our teacher, Minnie Forbes. Our boarder was lying on a couch in the living room after dinner, and the girls came in several times and sprinkled water on him to waken him. The last time he said if they did it again he'd attend to them. Of course, they did. He jumped up and caught the small one and ducked her in the river until she didn't have a dry stitch on her. Her companion stood laughing and scolding him. But when he told her she would be next, she fled upstairs and didn't give him a chance.

Young people had to make their own fun in those days.