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However, in 1890, at the age of seventy, Adam Matheny, an early day Indian scout, had already located on a creek that emptied into the Queets from the southeast. It now bears his name.

The first trail from Quinault ran from the Lake to Matheny Creek, then followed it to the Queets. After a post office was secured at Banta's a second trail was cut from his place to Lake Quinault.

Dancing was the main diversion among the young people in those days. On special occasions young men from Quinault walked the trail (a distance of twenty miles) danced all night with the girls on the Queets Clearwater, and walked back home the next day. It was a tiring trip, but the boys felt it was well worth the effort.

Jane Streater recalls on the northwest side of the Queets, Seth Glover, A. McKinnon (who later had a store in his home), Fred Knack, and Henry Hibbard and son, George. After Mr. Hibbard's death, McKinnons took George into their family. Next came F. Schaupp, Dick Hopkins, Mr. Snyder, H. K. Mayhew, "Grandpa" H. B. Lyman, J. J. Banta, and (the following year) his wife Alice, her son Clarence Read, and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clement Johnson. Beyond them was T. D. Turner, then John Hollenbeck.

Like many other homesteaders, Mr. Banta went to town to work. Although his cabin was the first white man's cabin in the valley, he was back and forth for several years, but never to stay. About a year after coming to the Queets ('94 or '95) Mrs. Alice Banta passed away and was buried on the Matheny place beside Adam Matheny who had died a short time before. Hers was the first white woman's grave in the valley. In 1902 her father, Clement Johnson, passed away and was buried beside her. In 1908 her mother died in Hoquiam and is buried there.

Clarence Read, Mrs. Banta's son, married Sadie Hickman. They moved from the Queets in 1909 and settled in Bucoda.

J. J. Banta, who was born in Illinois, was wedded five times. Alice Read, whom he married in Seattle in 1900 or 101, being the fourth wife. In 1933 Banta died in Bucoda and is buried there, as is also his sister, Fannie McKee Selfies.