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In 1957 Frieda Knack McIntosh relates:

"Across from our place in the Queets River was an island. No doubt formed from a log jam. It shut off our view across the river. On our side of the island there was very little water, but on the other side was the channel. It was a dangerous place, and we children were forbidden to play there. But, sometimes we did.

Indians used to come there, out of sight of our house. Once we saw a beautiful Indian woman with them. She was probably half white, although she was married to an Indian man. Betty was her name, and she was friendly to us girls. Gave my sister some blue beads, such as are put in the grave with their dead.

One day Mrs. King's sister, Miss Marie Osby, and my sister Katie Knack went down to the river. There was a big spruce tree near our canoe landing that leaned slightly toward the water. On the ground beneath it was a green board. Rumor said it marked the grave of an Indian Chief. At any rate, the board was there when we arrived, so the girls thought it meant something. They were curious about it. So they lifted the marker and dug into the ground with a shovel. To their satisfaction they unearthed several vertebrae. Katie kept them for years.

After we left the Queets, the island disappeared. I was told it seemed to rise up, disintegrate, and float away.

I remember that we brought "Old Rose", our milk cow, into the Queets on Hank's boat. They had lots of trouble getting her to our place. After she died we had another cow brought in, and named her "Rose" also.

When my son-in-law Ernie Quillens and his wife were in Eugene, Oregon, Ernie started talking to an old man who was getting off the bus. He told them about being in the Queets in the early days. It developed that when he was a boy of fifteen, he brought our second cow "Rosie" to us. He recalled that the Knack children were all small then. Quite a coincidence!

My sister Clara loved mud, and would come into the house with it all over her hands. Once she came in with a big slug in her hand and said, "See ?, When she grew older, she and I went on a slug killing expedition. Armed with a hatchet and an ax we killed all the slugs we could find on the logs.