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"I recall that a Stackheimer boy and a couple of other fellows went hunting with rifles. I was staying at the Bedbug Inn at Humptulips. About 9 P.M., during a hard rain storm, one of the fellows walked into the hotel and said to me. "Can you get a fellow out, that was shot?"

I knew they had just put clean sheets on the bed upstairs, so I took one for bandages and we started out in the storm, carrying lanterns. After a while we came to a hill on the Quinault trail (near the school-house). The young fellow said, "We shouldn't be climbing a hill" Then I suggested that we should be on the Promised Land trail instead.

Well, the creek was up, and we had to go across on a jam. Finally, we reached the wounded boy and his companion. The bullet had gone through both thighs. The three boys had been sitting on a log. One had shot at something but hadn't taken his gun off cock. He had it across his lap and somehow discharged it right into the fellow next to him. Realizing what he had done he was so stunned that he just sat there while the third fellow came for help.

In the meantime, the boy who was shot used his shoe-laces to make tourniquets on himself. Well, we got him to Humptulips and put him on a horse and brought him to the hospital. But he died of poisoning from the copper jacket of the bullet.

On another occasion, Dad and I decided to go up to Quinault. We bought our supplies from Bud Loomis. Flour was scarce at the time. When we made camp and opened our flour sack we discovered we had whole wheat chicken feed. We cooked it and ate it for the entire trip.

The Following incident occurred in the early 1900's:

J. L. McNutt was freighting with a beam and wagon. Lee Grigsby was working in a logging camp. McNutt came along one day with his horses all lathered up. Grigsby judged he was pretty drunk. "How much to let me ride to Humptulips with you?" he asked. McNutt, who knew him well, replied, "one-fifty." "You wouldn't charge me, would you?" Lee remonstrated. "Yep" said McNutt.

So, Grigsby paid him one-fifty. After riding a few minutes he said he wanted to buy a horse. McNutt had an old one in the harness he said he'd sell for $100.

Walker Bros. had a camp on Axford Prairie. Grigsby said he wanted a bill of sale. So they stoppped, and the Filer wrote on a piece of paper - One white horse from McNutt to Grigsby. Then McNutt said, "We'll have to hurry to get to Humptulips before dark."