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Charles Earnhart and Stith Hurst made a trip to the Quillyute with the Indians to get some provisions. They say they don't want to go again. The Indians ran too close to the rocks to suit them.

Mrs. H. K. Maynew, W. S. Hartzell, and myself came down to the Agency with the Indiana in a canoe the same day as the Barnhart party went to the Quillyute, but we had a spendid trip. At Oyehut, we met Mr. J. E. Tisdale and J. G. Grand and J. F. Hank with a boat load of groceries for the Queets.

On August 27th, 1891:

Messrs. Noel, Teylor, and Bailey, surveyors, started out to make a survey of two townships, Nos. 34 N., range 12 and 13 west. Also to make a survey of the Indian Reservation.

August 22nd, 1891:

The steam schooner "Mischief" with the following named persons on board, left Tacoma for the Queets:

H. B. Lyman and wife
John Olson and wife
Geo. Holmes and wife
S. A. Niver
W. H. Rathbun
James Irwin
John Kanode
Fred Tiessen
Jas. Hall
Jake Peters
Geo. Leterson
Gus Carlson
D. H. Lyman
and C. Clover

D. H. Lyman and Joe Hawthorn had on board quite a stock of groceries to start a store. Several other parties also had freight. We encountered high seas and laid over at Port Angeles one day. Landed at Cover, four miles north of the Queets River on Wednesday, August 29th. Didn't want to land freight at this point. So, anchored steamer at Destruction Island that night. Next day the Indians made an attempt to reach us, getting their canoe full of water and D. H. Lyman pretty well soaked. They returned to shore and tried it again. They made seven trips to the boat, one set of Indians upsetting their canoe and dumping their goods into the ocean. They lost Mr. H. B. Lyman's cook stove, but saved all other goods, though somewhat damaged by water. The other Indians made another attempt to reach us, but met a heavy swell which stood them on end. They came down and met another which turned them completely end over end, smashing the canoe to pieces. The Indians were twenty mintues swimming ashore. Thus ende Then the boat pulled out for Grays Harbor and D. H. Lyman hired Capt. D. H. Hank to take the rest of the goods in his sailboat up to the Queets. This made the freight come rather high. Steamer "Mischief", $10.00 per ton, Hank's sailboat, $8.00. Total $18.00 per ton.

Mr. D. H. Lyman had gone aboard the steamer without coat, vest, or shoes.

(End of Banta Diary)