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On July 12, 1891, another trip to the colony was made by the "Lucy Lowe" with the following on board: Mr. John Powell, T. D. Turner, H. A. Tripple, L. McAdams and John Goodell and Jack Beard whom we nicknamed Jack the Ripper because of his tall tales.

Sharp and I went up the river to Mt. Olympus. We were four days going up in canoes, and one-half day climbing the mountain. We wrote our names on a small tree on the top of the mountain. Sharp tried to slide down on the seat of his pants, like a boy on a cellar door, but tried it only once. He slid about fifty feet, and said it made him nervous. We were afraid we would have a time getting down, but we made it alright doing but little coasting.

As there was so much snow on the ground where we wished to prospect, we concluded to go home. So we tied everything in the boat and started. Went about three miles then ran upon a rock. I got my leg through a bale of wire which lay in the boat and which was fastened to it. This threw me out and under the boat. I thought for a few seconds that my time had come. Then I broke the wire and got out alright.

However, our boat split from one end to the other and we were obliged to take our stuff to the shore and dry our blankets and leave our tent and what stuff we could not carry. We had a sorry walk home. Heavy packs to carry and I had no hat or coat, having lost them in the river. We were four days getting home, and were well near played out.

B. M. Bailey gave Sharp quite a ducking in the river as he was trying to put him across in his dug-out. I thought it was safer to wade.

Shortly after this experience Phelan brothers and Dave Kerr took a trip up to the mountains and had just about such luck as we had. They had their boat loaded down with elk and deer meat. Started home, but the boat went to the bottom with everything. They boys saved only their guns and blankets and had to walk home two days without anything at all to eat.

About this time we accepted bids to carry the mail once a week between the Agency and our settlement. John Hansen was the low bidder. He agreed to gather the mail and deliver to the following named places in the settlement for $7.00 a trip: Chas. Earnhart's for all on the Clearwater; Dave Kerr's; F. Schaupe's; Miss Dickey's; and J. J. Banta's. Mr. H. K Mayhew was selected as treasurer to collect the money from each member of the colony and settle with the carrier.