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April 22, 1891:

Our colony set sail today on board the "Lucy Lowe" chartered for the trip. We are to pay $750.00 The captain agrees to board our party and land us and our freight safely at our destination.

There are 56 of our party, consisting of the following:

J. J. Banta
Nelson McKee, wife and six children
H. K. Mayhew and wife
John Powell and wife and daughter
E. Belcher, wife and daughter
F. W. King, wife and son Mark
D. B. Ballard and wife
Miss Dora Head
Miss Anna Dickey
N. A. McKinnon and wife
W. S. Hartzell and wife
B. Vanslyke
D. H. Lyman
L. S. Carr
G. McGuire
Fred Althen
J. N. Grant
S. Hurst
P. Phelan
G. Phelan
E. W. Grant
Henry Hibbard and son George
E. McMartin
John Hanson
John Hollenbeck
George Martin
Leonard Martin
S. S. Glover
G. L. Fleming
Chas. Byar
J. Smith
B. M. Bailey
Geo. Mannington
Lillie Hile
W. B. Connerly
John Kanode
L. S. Snow
F. Atwood
and Frank Starling

We had on board enough provisions to last three months - some chickens, dogs, two or three cats. Hoisted the flag and started about 9:00 A.M., April 22nd. Arrived at Neah Bay Thursday night the 23rd.

Went out to the Cape and found the wind blowing from the southeast and the sea rough. Put back to Neah Bay. Wen out again Friday afternoon beyond the lighthouse. Wind still southeast. We returned to the Bay. Waiting a day we went out again. And how the wind blew ! It was too rough, so we turned back again.

April 29th we made another unsuccessful attempt to get down to the Queets. But as there was no harbor along that stretch of coast the captain thought best not to go too far unless he saw that the wind was going to change, so that if a storm came up he could run back to safety. On the first day of May the wind changed to the northeast and we had a splendid trip with nobody seasick.