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When daylight came they found they had left the house for nothing. If they had stayed they would have been alright. So they selected a large spruce tree some 200 feet high and intended to climb that the next night if the water came up again. But the floods went down and Thomas and Cushman made haste to get out of the country. Dave Kerr said he intended to stay if he had to live with the Indians.

Messrs. Boss and Barnhart formed a partnership and are going to winter in Boss's house. Barnhart, Lyman and Banta went to the Quillyute to purchase goods for the winter. Had a hard trip going up the beach between the Hoh and the Quillyute Rivers. We left Mr. Barnhart at the Quillyute store, run by Mr. Pullins, to purchase the goods and take them down in Indian canoes.

Mr. Lyman and myself came up to the Straits, through the Quillyute and Sol Duc valleys, and down the Pysht River to the straits. There we took the steamer and landed at Tacoma November 1st, 1890.

January 27th, 1891:

Messrs. G. A. Martin, Eugene McGuire, Harry Hibbard, and John Hansen and I went up to the Queets River. Made it in five days and had a splendid trip. Hibbard and I got pretty wet while going through the tunnel. All the boys selected claims, Martin, three; Hibbard, two; Hansen and McGuire one each; and H. Hermanns, one.

The Queets River was very high about January 10th. and came very close to my house. Two Germans lost nearly everything they had - guns, blankets, canoes, dogs, etc. Left their claims and came down to my place. Sold what provisions they did have, to A. Matheny for $10.00 and left the country broken hearted. Several other settlers lost their canoes in that flood.

Snow fell about three inches deep, about February 13th, but it melted nearly as fast as it fell. Other parties reported the snow was over one foot deep about the last of February.

On March 7th, 1891:

A meeting was called at our office at 7:30 P.M., J. J. Banta was made chairman of the meeting, with J. G. Grant, Secretary. A committee was appointed to make inquiry of all the steamboat companies to find out what we could charter a steamboat for. Or what they would charge to take us around to the Queets about April 15th. Another meeting is called for Saturday, March 14th. The committee appointed to see about the boat consists of R. H. Stewart, F. W. King, and J. G. Grant.