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Then we landed on Damon's Point, and waited for the tide to come in. While there we had a regular old clam bake - while Burroughs baked his shins. I made the quickest trip to the Queets this time that I ever made. Johnny Johns took our provisions from Oyehut to the Queets in his sailboat and charged us $22.00

Mr. Mayhew was well pleased with his claim that I had selected. Mr. Thornton and Mr. Lawler liked the country and located. Mr. Mayhew spread himself for a few days, making the woods echo with his axe. In about two weeks, Mayhew, Thornton, Lawler, Dickenson, Hollenbeck, and Sharp went out to Tacoma. I went as far as Hoquiam and brought back a boatload of provisions. We had about 2700 pounds, and it cost us $55.00 to get it around to the colony. Mr. Boss met me at Hoquiam and also sent some grub along. The Indians were drunk at Hoquiam, and we had hard work to get them away from our stuff. Mr. Lyman and myself were all alone up there for about three weeks, on the main river. Mr. Boss was alone on Nellis Creek for about a month. I came out September 22nd, Sharp having come back up there and located Mr. I. G. Digford, Mr. Stewart, and Mr. Billings.

October 6th, 1890:

I left Tacoma again with Mr. J. L. Thomas, W. A. Cushman, Chas. Barnhart, and Fred Brase.

On a bet with J. J. Bants (myself) W. A. Cushman walked barefooted from Damon's Point to the Agency. Left Damon's at 12:00 o'clock, and arrived at the Agency at 8:00 o'clock. He was to arrive at the same time as Cultis Jim, the Indian mail carrier. Well, he made it, and won $2.00 off me. But he said the Indian made him hustle and made him run for three miles at one stretch. We didn't misbelieve him for his tracks in the sand were proof of his statement.

While Messrs. Barnhart, Thomas, and Cushman were stopping in Barnhart's house, a flood came and surrounded the house. The boys took to the hills and landed on Mt. Barnhart, half a mile east, where they camped under a rubber blanket all night. In their haste to get on high land they carried only a small amount of flour and some bacon with them.

The boys say that was a horrible night. Thomas would cuss J. J. Banta awhile and then he would pray awhile. Once when he got tired he dropped off to sleep. Then Cushman would do the praying for strength to hold out until daylight came so they could get out of the country and back to Tacoma.