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June 10th, 1890:

I went out again with another crowd; Mr. H. B. Lyman; J. H. Dickerson; D. C. Burk; Charles Barnhart; Wm. Maskell; and Chas. Crabb. Mr. Fred Mead also started with us, but for some reason went only as far as Hoquiam. Mr. Lyman selected claims for E. Gregory, two; Mr. Read, two; one for his son-in-law Mr. Randall; one for his son; one for Tomas Craft; and one for himself Came home to make a report. If he goes back all will go. If he fails to go; none of the party will go.

Mr. Burk took two claims, one for his brother and one for himself. Barnhart took two, one for his friend, Cushman, and one for himself. Mr. Crabb didn't locate. I located a claim for Miss Dickey, Edward Belch, and three for Mr. Bassett's sons. Mr. Dicerson located and we put up his home for him and he moved into it before we came away. We were there about two weeks and it rained every day, so we had a very wet time of it. I upset one boat and spill Mr. Dickerson and myself into the river. Lost Mr. Lyman's axe and got a good ducking besides.

Roy, G. W. Westfall undertook to build his house on another man's claim, and when he found that the colonists would not allow that kind of business, he sold his garden and came out with a very long lip. Said the timber was very limby and no good, and the soil no good, and the water muddy, and he didn't like the country nohow. I was glad to get shut of such a man for a neighbor, and gave him $25.00 to leave the neighborhood, and $5.00 for his garden.

Lyman, Westdall, Schaup, and Mr. Markell came out toghether. Started home June 29th and landed in Tacoma July the 1st. L. W. Carr and myself came out July 9th to Tacoma. Carr had been up there just four months.

July 31st, 1890:

I started again for the Queets. H. B. Lyman, H. K. Mayhew, Chas. Lawler, S. Thornton, and F. White accompanying me. We had quite a time cruising the Harbor in Mr. Conkling's boat.

We left Hoquiam about half-past four in the morning. There was on board the limit besides our party:

Mr. Benner
Mr. Burroughs
Mr. Baldwin
and Mr. Schaupp and wife
and a box of cherry bitters

We got badly stuck on a sand spit that day as well as on the box of bitters. Mrs. Schaupp got very seasick. Her husband was also troubled with the same sickness. Mr. Burroughs fell overboard, and such another puffing and blowing you never did hear. The old lady Schaupp soon had him out of the water and into the boat. Safe but with wet clothes.