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April 8th, 1890:

I left Tacoma again with the following men to locate Philip Mathews, one claim; George Cleveland, one; C. S. Burnett, one; A. Strugle, two; F. Schaupp, one; G. W. Westfall, one. We also located one for Capt. Kopperhat.

We had a very good time going out. Cleveland (the Yankee) married the Reverend G. W. Westfall's cousin, and made lots of amusement for the rest of us.

We had to lay over one day at the Agency before we could get the Indians to carry our stuff for us. We had to pay $19.00 this trip to get our stuff hauled from Damon's Point to the Agency. But at the Agency is where the Indians begin to count the quarters on us. It's a quarter for this, and a quarter for that, and for crossing the river a quarter - and it's a quarter, quarter, quarter. Some of the boys will recall this.

We made it up to the Queets alright, and had to lay over Sunday. Went up to the camp on Monday. All the parties were well pleased with the country. Found Dad Hollenheck working like a tiger in his garden. Mr. Cleveland returned to Tacoma after about one week, having built them each a log house.

I remained there just a month, marking out more claims, building houses, etc. Rev. G. W. Westfall worked about three weeks building a boat to use in crossing the river. Just had it finished a few days. Crossed the river a few times, and fell into it twice. The third time he made preparations for it. Pulled off all his clothes except his shirt, so if he did get ducked he would have dry clothes when he came out. That time he came across alright.

Sharp and I and Mr. F. Shaupp left there Tuesday evening, went to Dick's hotel at the mouth of the Queets that night, and made it to Gribsby's the next night, tired and hungry. Next morning, Mr. Grigsby let us ride to Oyehut and we came to Hoquiam on a sailboat and on to Tacoma Friday at five o'clock.

Tuesday, May 20th 1890:

S. P. Sharp started again for the colony, Messrs. Schaupp and Cleveland accompanying him. There also were six other gentlemen going out to locate. Mr. W. G. McRoberts and N. Nellis are the two who located and were staying with it.

E. Campbell. O. St Louis, and Mr. Lote, and one other New York boy selected claims and afterwards threw them up. Mr. F. W. Boss gave out on the way up there and stopped at Mr. Grigsby's. Selected him a claim there later.