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Our guide, whose name is Charley Wisp, his wife, and all the others seemed to be pleased with our visit. The landlady flew around and made some baking powder bread, peeled some potatoes and boiled them with some salt salmon and made some tea. When she had it all ready she spread a piece of canvas down on a large platform which they use for all purposes, and set out each man a plate, cup and saucer, knife and fork. When she was done I tell you the table looked quite tempting to men who were humgry like we were. I'm sure we all did the meal justice. I thought they were the best civilized Indian I ever saw.

We dried ourselves by the fire and made our beds on Indian bedsteads and went to bed and slept well. Our guide and landlord had agreed to take us up the river next day in his canoe and go as far as he could in two days' time. We thought we would start early next morning.

Saturday morning, December 20th:

We laid in bed until real late, waiting for our boat to get up, but he was a better stayer than we. So we got up first and Missus Injun got up and got breakfast. But when we were all ready to go, Mr. Wisp said that he could not go that day. By this time it was late anyway, and he said he could go early next day. So we concluded to stop at the Wisp house one day and night longer. It was raining and we stayed indoors most all day.

While Mrs. Injun was getting supper I noticed that she had elk tallow put up in guts (just like we put up sausage) which she used to rub on the bread pan to keep the bread from sticking. After she had greased the pan, she handed the stick of tallow to the old gal who took it and rubbed it all over her face and hair. After she had herself all slicked up she handed it to another who went through the same performance. I just wondered if they had used the same gut for that purpose before.

Again I saw a bright little girl about eight years old go up to a bucket of water from which we had all been drinking. There was a tin cup sitting on either side of the bucket, but instead of using one she just stuck her head down into the bucket and supped water. Then I tried to think whether I had taken a drink, and if so how long ago.