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Memorandum of our exploring trip from Tacoma around the Straits of Juan de Fuca to Pysht Bay, and through the country south to Grays Harbor, from December 3rd, 1889 to January 7, 1890.

J. J. Banta and S. P. Sharp left Tacoma on board "State of Washington", December 3, 1889, in company with S. A. Ayers, Fred Highbee, George McDonald, and Jacob Osborn.

Landed at Seaholm, Dec. 4th about ten o'clock A.M.:

Ate our dinner and went over to Fairhaven. Found prices of real estate very high. Also rents. Could not get a building for a lodging house at any price. Small rooms, 10 x 20, rent for $35.00 per month. Think the four towns, Whatcom, Seahold, Bellingham, and Fairhaven, will make a large city in the near future. They are vitually one town now, though under separate governments. They have the finest harbor on the Sound and a good country to back them.

December 5th:

We took the mail boat "Point Arena" for Port Townsend. After cruising around all day among the Islands of the Sound, visiting Orcas Island, Roach Harbor, Friday Harbor, and several other places, taking on board 1000 bbls. of lime at the Seattle Lime Works and going within ten miles of Victoria, B.C., we landed at Port Townsend about ten o'clock at night. Put up at the Olympic Lodging House.

December 6th:

Stayed all day looking over the city and making further preparation for our trip. While here I met an old friend of North Salem, Indiana - Mr. Newton Orear, whom I had not seen for five years, had a good chat over old times.

Left Port Townsend, Dec. 7th, aboard the "Evangel" for Pysht Bay:

But found that the boat went only as far as Port Angeles that day, and that we would have to lay over there until December 9th before we could go on to Pysht Bay. Put up at the Bon Ton House. Several persons were seasick on the trip down the Straits. Our fare on the boat was $1.50. At the Bon Ton, supper, bed, and breakfast, $1.00. We decided to walk to Crescent Bay, as Port Angeles was not much of a place. Tomorrow being Sunday we thought it would be a dull place to stop in. Though I believe some day Port Angeles will be a large city.

Early on December 8th:

Accompanied by Seth Davis from Missouri, we started to walk to Crescent Bay, twelve miles down the Straits. It was raining, and we did not know the road, so when night came on we found ourselves at an old deserted house, at Freshwater Bay, about two miles from Crescent by the beach; and five miles around the road. We had no dinner, and our supper consisted of nice fresh-baked sea biscuit (or hardtack and water). But we had a good fire and slept well. Our breakfast was "allee samee" supper.