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Malcolm M. Kelly, born January 6, 1878, at Belle Plain, Kansas, first pioneered in Oklahoma when the Cherokee Strip was thrown open. In 1904 he married Miss Edna Strickler, of Enid, Oklahoma. In 1908 the couple came to Washington and settled on a claim in the Queets Valley in an area where there were no roads.

Travel to the ranch (later known as Kelly's Ranch Resort) was by road to Lunch Creek trail to Salmon Creek, and then across to the homestead from the Salmon Creek headwaters.

In order to be near a school Mrs. Kelly and Anne lived ten winters at Quinault. Summers were spent on the homestead.

Mr. Kelly raised cattle and drove them out over the Salmon Creek trail, a distance of several miles. He received his supplies by gasoline freighter, at the mouth of the Queets River, then poled them upstream in a canoe.

After operating the ranch for thiry-two years Mr. Kelly retired when the government took over his land for park expansion. The Kellys then moved to Tacoma to live with their daughter, Mrs. Anne March.


In 1911, R. E. and Jessie Page Voorhies took a homestead on Big Creek. This place once belonged to A. Colegrove, father of Mrs. Wright. Mr. Voorhies supervised the building of the Olympic Chalet in Enchanted Valley, in the Olympics. He and his wife managed it until it was destroyed by a slide.

They would meet tourists who had previously registered, at Quinault with horses and take them in. Or, if they wanted to make the trip in one day, met them at their Packing station which was about eight miles up the Quinault River.