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Owen G. Chase, instigator and President of the Quinault Townsite Co., secured the post office in 1890, and was appointed first Postmaster. He in turn appointed A. V. Higley as acting assistant. Orvie Peeler, who had gone to town for the mail, brought in the post office supplies.

The second Postmaster was Clark Peeler, another member of the Townsite Company. He left Quinault in the spring of 1902.

J. A. Ingram, storekeeper, was the third. According to Orts Higley, Mrs. Chesney acted as Postmaster for a while.

The Official list follows:

John S. Berlow - Contracted
Owen s. Chase - Appointed Jan. 22, 1891
Clark H. Reeler - Sept. 12, 1891
J. A. Ingram - March28, 1892
George Parks - July 12, 1898
John A. Ewell - April 8, 1901
A. V. Higley - July 7, 1906
Roy Hulten - December 11, 1913
H. M. Mulkey - June 27, 1919
Bob May - December 1, 1946
Mrs. Al Torres - May, 1955


After the Post Office was established, W. R. Davis (Of Davis & Best, Humptulips) carried the first mail into Quinault. Albert Hess, Charles DeLong, Frank Ziegler, Clark Peeler, Laurence Slover, Herb Bennett, Davis & Best and Jim Lindsay were early day carriers. At first these men walked twenty miles over a trial, carrying sixty to seventy five pounds of mail on their backs. Later, pack horses were used.

In 1898, Harry C. Evans, of Humptulips, contracted to carry from Hoquiam to Quinault once a week. In 1902 he sub-let a four-year contract to E. E. Fishel, who carried from Humptulips to Quinalut. He used a pack train. In 1910, Charles Kelly contracted, and the service was changed to twice a week. June 5, 1912 it was changed to three trips a week, leaving Hoquiam at 7:00 A.M. arriving at Quinault at 5:30 P.M. the following day.

Emma Loomis, Postmaster at Humptulips for thirty years, recalls later carriers between Hoquiam and Quinault as Orte Higley, Harry Evans, Mike Hogan, Pete Lemmer, and Ransom Higley.