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The cattle had waded around and made trails. We were so wet by that time that I told her we might as well wade the creek instead of trying to hitch across on the log.

After crossing the creek it was not far to the road. I had to keep my hands out in front of my head to prevent running into a tree, as many of them were right up against the road. It took us three hours to go one mile.

Bud continues:

"On another occasion a swimming party was organized for the pleasure of two teachers, Miss Osby and Miss Putnam. We went around the other side of Ziegler Creek. Hilda Olson was deviling me and splashing me with water, and I told her if she didn't stop I'd give her a ducking. She kept it up so I grabbed her, pulled her out of the canoe and started to carry her out where the water was deep. Unexpectedly, I stepped off a sheer bank and down we went in a deep hole. I was a pretty good swimmer, but not experienced in saving anyone else.

We both came up at once and I saw her face as white as a sheet, and thought, "Why, she'll drown." I yelled. And when our friends saw what had happened they started to the rescue.

Then we went down again. I pushed her up to the surface and held her up by the feet at arms length so they would see her. I was about smothered before they took her from me and I managed to get out. It was no joke."

Hilda Olson Evans says:

"Belle and John Fairbairn, Mr. and Mrs. Marriman, Bud Loomis, Lulu Putnam, Marion and Bruce Canning, Marie Osby, Susie Bennett, and I climbed Mt. Baldy. When we came down we went swimming in the Lake where the above incident occurred. In those days flour sacks were stamped with the storekeeper's name in indelible ink. When Lulu Putnam got into the water her dress floated up behind. Bud said, "I see you're stamped for O. L. Higley" She innocently asked, "where?" "Oh, I don't want to tell you", Bud replied.

It is said that Etta Young, teacher at the Olson School in 1901, became engaged to Charles Hulten. However, before their marriage she died and was buried in her intended wedding dress. Charley never married."