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In 1901 school was held at the Olson School and the new Norwood building stood idle. That year Josie and Otto Kestner boarded in Humptulips and attended school there. For several years school alternated between the upper and the lower Quinault schools.

In 1902, a spring term, from February 3 to April 25, was held at the Olson school, with James Norman, the teacher. Then Homer Dunning taught the lower school from April 28th to May 20th. He was followed by Edith Lucile Horr of Aberdeen. Her term ran from July 28th to October 17th.

Josie Kestner says:

"In 1903 there were three months of school at the lower building, and in 1904 four months. Mrs. Smith taught those two years, and batched in the Norwood house. In 1905 we had five months with Katie Knack of Queets as teacher. 1908 was the last year school was held there.

By the fall of 1909 a new building had been erected on a piece of land purchased from Louis Haas, Sr. The property now belongs to the Grange. With the opening of this building, both the upper and the lower schools were abandoned, and a nine month term inaugurated.

This same year, 1909, the Kestner school was built. Miss Eunice Bonham was the first teacher. Frank Howen taught there in 1916-17."

For a time school was also held in the Milburn house. This was approximately in 1915 and 1916. Frank Milburn, at his own expense, hired Miss Hurd for a three-month summer term. Then the district secured Miss Kiel for the fall term. The next year they hired Miss Ralph. The following year the Milburn children attended Tumwater School.

After the creation of the Forest Reserve, the 1909 building was declared on Government land, and the Forest Rangers wanted the site for a station. With the coming of cars and better roads, there was no longer a transportation problem. So in 1918, largely through the efforts of Mrs. Louis Haas, a lease was secured from the Government and a new building was erected at the townsite, where the Post Office now stands. Included in the Quinault School District No. 53, were the Milburn, Kestner, and Neilton schools.