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Doctors were far away also in those days, and once when Ignar broke his leg his father set it. He did a good job, for Ignar is still an active and tireless hiker. From 1932, when he and some of his brothers formed the Graves Creek Inc. and Enchanted Valley Lodge until 1945, Ignar operated pack trains over the torturous Olympic trails. He ceased operations when the trails, through neglect of the National Park Service, became unsafe.

The Olson boys spent a great deal of their time in exploring the wild Olympics, including the Lake Connie Mt. Hoquiam (Sinai) and Litchy Creek area). Jasper Bunch, of the upper Quinault, was struck by the "staircase formation" of the four peaked ridge and named it Mt. Sinai, after the Biblical mountain. Later the name of Mt. Hoquiam was given it by the Olympians, who succeeded in having it marked thus on maps. But old timers still call it Mt. Sinai.

Olsons named the lake "Connie" but not after their sister. Ignar said,

"We named it after Connie Egge, who is now Mrs. Brandt and lives at New London. She was a cook and waitress at her sister's hotel at Quinault. Always full of fun and kidded a lot with us when we stopped at the hotel or restaurant on our trips. we used to tell her we were going to name something for her. We finally surprised her, and did."

The Olsons made pets of their animals. Once a cow elk jumped the high fence at the call of a wild bull elk. Later she greeted Mr. Olson on the trail and returned to be let into the enclosure.

Ignar once found a young cougar and raised him as an ordinary house cat. He loved to have his head scratched, and would purr and purr. Ignar kept him in the barn. Mr. Olson kept telling the boys that some day that cougar would be dangerous. They thought not.

One day Mr. Olson and Ignar went into the barn with some fresh meat. Instantly the cougar, sitting on a beam above them, jumped down upon Ignar. Had not his father been there, the young man would have been killed. Mr. Olson grabbed a pitchfork. Ignar said later there wasn't a cuss word in this or any other language that his Father didn't use on that cougar while he was subduing him. As it was, Ignar had to be brought out to a doctor to have his wounds attended to. That was the end of the cougar.