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By Ernest Olson

John August Olson and Jim Peterson came West in the year 1893, looking for a new home in this beautiful northwest country. After looking over hundreds of acres, they finally decided to locate in the upper Quinault Valley about eight miles from Lake Quinault.

Frank and Dan Peterson, brothers of Jim, settled on the north side of the Upper Quinault River, and Jim Peterson and John Olson settled on the south bank. Mr. Olson took up a preemption, as he had forfeited his right to a homestead here by having one in Minnesota.

After a few months at Quinault, Mr. Peterson and Mr. Olson returned to Minnesota to settle their affairs there and return with their families. In the meantime Mr. Olson's son, Alfred, had come west with a carload of cattle, including a team of oxen and farm implements. We stayed through the summer here, then returned to Minnesota in the fall of 1894.

In April of 1895, Ernest Oscar, second son of John August Olson, came West to work on his father's new home and help get the farm ready for the coming of his parents and brothers and sisters in the near future. That summer Jim Peterson and his bride, and the Olson family, with the exception of Mina and Alfred, oldest son and second daughter, took the long journey West.

With John and Batilda Olso came Hulda, Herbert, Fritchof, Richard, Constance, Elma, Ignar, and the twins, Nellie and Rosella, who were but two months old and had to be carried in the arms of the older folks.

There were no roads then, only trials beaten by the few who had gone on before. The horses were accustomed to this type of travel, however, and the children could ride on one horse, taking turns at walking. One place was so steep that the horse fell back and injured Hulda very badly. The whole party stopped at the nearest homestead house about a mile away.