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By Belle Fairbairn

John A. Fairbairn, Sr., was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Came to America in the 1850s, met a Miss Dougherty in Canada and married her in 1860. He was a filer, and worked in the saw mills. The two eldest daughters were born in Canada, May in 1863, who lives in St. Paul; and Ella - August 13, 1864.

Then the family moved to Minnesota where Father Fairbairn worked in the Schulesburg Mill at Stillwater. John A. Jr., was born there on July 3, 1866. Another boy, William, arrived on March 17, 1869. When Johnnie was eight years old his mother died. His father remarried. One boy and two girls were born to this union - Sara Ann, the baby, on August 7, 1891. Meanwhile, Johnnie learned his father's trade and worked with him in the same mill. When a young man, he went to Colorado, then considered the "far west", and secured work in a mill. He married Belle Reynolds of Durango, Colo., Nov. 17, 1890, at Silverton, Colorado.


My paternal grandfather was Dr. William Reynolds, who practiced medicine around Olean, Cattaraugus Co., New York. My maternal grand-father was Nathan Pettis.

My father, George Reynolds, and my mother, Louise Pettis, were born in New York State, grew up together, and married there. Shortly thereafter, they came to Wyoming where most of the children were born.

Etta Reynolds, born August 9, 1869, married Lawrence Slover whom she met in Colorado. He was a partner of A. T. Wright, who operated a store and the Post Office at Lake Quinault in the early nineties. Their son, Horace Slover, was born at the Lake, April 3, 1894.

Another Reynolds son named Nathan William, after the two grand-fathers, arrived August 19, 1890, and lives at Elma.

I (Belle) was born March 3, 1872.

J. Wesley Reynolds was born January 6, 1886, and lives in Hoquiam. He was born in Colorado, as my parents moved there when I was eight years of age.