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The second winter we were here the water was high. Most of the settlers hadn't brought in enough supplies for themselves. When they ran out they all came and bought from us. Then we had to be on the river all winter. It would be a nice day when we started, but by the time we got down river a ways a storm would come up and we couldn't get back.

Fritzberbert Leather and Father were gone three weeks before they got home. They had used up most of the supplies by that time and had to go right back for more. Father was down there a long, long time. I thought something must have happened. I could tell from the water in the lake that he could have come home. So, I took the canoe and went down looking for him. Got down about a third of the way and met Indian Pope coming up.

"Yes, Higley coming", he said, "He be here tonight."

Nevertheless I went on down to get him. He had had trouble in getting freight across the bay, and that had delayed him.

Father and I went barefoot the first three or four years we were here. In 1895, Father got shipwrecked about two-thirds of the way up the Quinault. Lost everything he had, but managed to save the boat. Pulled it up against a root, but couldn't get it launched again. Walked from there on up, bare-footed some fifteen miles. Made it to an Indian house. Indian Pope started a fire and cooked potatoes and Dad ate a meal and slept there. Next morning, he walked on through to the Lake, following the river the whole way. But, he had to get across the Lake. Old man Underwood was inside his cabin, but Dad couldn't make him hear, so he had to walk around the bay to his house.

Howe, of Howe's Creek, was a bachelor who located at the forks. He and his partner, young Lee, built a nice little log cabin. Lee went to Seattle in the spring to work. Couldn't get much to do - nothing steady. Finally, he was picking over the garbage dump to get food. Howe wrote for him to come home. He stopped at our place over night, then went on up to the Knox place on his way to the claim.

Knox said, "Get in the canoe and I'll take you up." They started out and when they got opposite Bud Lommis' place they upset the canoe. Harry Lee was under it and Knox tried to lift if off him and couldn't. So young Lee drowned. He was one of the first persons buried at Quinault.