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Blanche continues:

"Blanche Frances Ziegler was married to Gloss Price King of Paso Robles, Cal., Sept 23, 1892. The Kings lived in Grays Harbor and at Portland, Oregon until the summer of 1920, when they moved to Coaling, Cal. where Mr. King was employed as shop foreman for the Dodge garage. In 1929 they located permanently at Hollister where Mr. King is engaged in the garage business for himself."

Orte Higley relates the following story:

"In January, 1893, we got our first big snow. Frank Ziegler was carrying the mail at that time, and used home-made skis for six weeks, taking four days to make the trip. Ziegler thought it foolish to load himself down with a gun, but the next summer he changed his mind.

On his way to Humptulips one nice day he met a cougar lying in the trail, and he seemed inclined to stay. Ziegler decided to let him do so, and turned off into the timber and went around. About a half a mile farther on he met him again, in the same position. He didn't hesitate at all, but immediately took to the woods again. Next morning he borrowed a revolver and carried one ever after that, although he never again had use for it."

Kate Murhard says:

"Mrs. Ziegler didn't like one fellow her daughter Kate went with in Hoquiam, and insisted on her having a chaperone. I went with her one evening to a show. Kate saw a man's coat-tails hanging through behind his seat. She pulled them with her feet and never cracked a smile. When he looked around I laughed so hard he thought I did it."

Bud Loomis recalls the following incident:

"Frank Ziegler had a little canoe and there was a big freshet in the fall of the year. His house was four or five feet above the creek, but one morning when he got up there was water on the floor. he looked around for his pig and saw it floating around on a rotten log. He thought he ought to get him back and put him in the barn, which was on higher ground. He got the boat and got to the pig. But, in trying to get the pig into the boat the canoe upset. Ziegler had a hard time to save himself. The pig got back on the rotten log, so he decided to let it stay there. He got some wire and anchored the log to a tree so it couldn't float away.

Then he went back to the house and got his wife and two babies and brought them in the canoe from a mile above us to our house. He came poling the canoe up the road right up to our front door."