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Still there was no sign of McCarthy, so I went back for them. Our hunter was lying on the ground and McCarthy was sitting on a log. They hadn't moved since I left. Between us we boosted our employer along until we reached the cabin. I tried to get him to eat with us, but all he wanted to do was sleep. When he got to the foot of the bed, he just fell over it. We had to pull him up farther into the bed, and he was dead to the world, We decided to let him be, and ate.

Along about ten o'clock we had another mess of potatoes. That time we pulled him off the bed, set him up against it and slapped his face and pounded him to rouse him and make him mad. We finally got him to the table and he ate a little, then fell asleep again. Next morning he was still in a deep semi-conscious state. He would burst out saying, "Ha , Ha, Ha, Ha, Ha! Did I die?", he asked, "I thought I died." We decided we had a crazy man on our hands.

McCarthy went to the lake for a boat and left me with him, and we finally got him into the boat and to the hotel. He kept me there to talk to him every day. When he got better we went fishing on the Lake. Then one day he said, "You get McCarthy and try to find some elk closer. I won't go back to Philadelphia without an elk". McCarthy went up Fletcher Canyon over to Humptulips and back through the Burn. Three or four miles from the Lake he found the elk. We made up another outfit and camped on the Burn. Next morning we were following the elk closely, crossing creeks the water was still riled from their passing. They were about fifteen minutes ahead of us. Suddenly, a man came out into the open ahead of us and immediately after there was a volley of shots. It was Ben Newnham and some other fellows who shot one elk and scattered the rest. So, we went back to the Lake.

I took him down river to Taholah to come out to town, but he wanted me to come on out with him , on the payroll. So, we went to Grigsby's. They told him there that there was a man on the beach who said he could go out and get an elk in two hours any time. It proved to be Pete Hunley. He said he couldn't guarantee to get one in two hours, but usually in a day. My customer was to go to town, rest up, get another batch of grub, come back, and go hunting again. We came on out and he went to Seattle.