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After about a week of dickering, he hired McCarthy and myself for guides. We bought two slabs of bacon, a sack of flour, rice, sugar, and beans. Made up a pack of ninety pounds apiece for McCarty and myself. He was to pack his own gun. He started out wearing a hunting coat. It was warm and after we had gone up the road a way his face grew red, and he had to wipe the perspiration from his forehead. I said, "Why don't you take off the coat and carry it?" He thought a minute and said he'd rather wear it. Finally, under protest, he took it off. It had all the inside pockets filled with cartridges, first aid equipment, etc., which made it very heavy. I took all the stuff, except a small amount of first aid, and cached it under a big tree and carried his coat on top of my pack.

The second night out, it rained. So, we pitched a silk ten, he had brought along. He asked, of all things, to sleep in the middle.

For supper, I had made "larrapin good truck". After you fry bacon, you have a skillet a third full of grease. Add an equal amount of sugar and a small amount of water and cook it until it makes a rich syrup. We had no butter, so this tasted very good on bread or cakes. But, the very thought of eating it made the tenderfoot sick, and he retired to the tent. This campsite was on Horseshoe Prairie, high on a plateau in the Olympics, and covered an area of three or four acres. The second night we were there, he asked for some of the syrup.

Every day we went hunting elk. Saw several, but this city man was so nervous that he couldn't aim straight, and so missed getting his game. We had been there ten days, and had decided to break camp the following morning, as provisions were running low, and it would take two or three days to get back to the Lake.

This morning was warm and McCarthy and I went without coats or hats, though the Philadelphia man wore his. We let the fire die out, left all our belongings in the silk tent, and started off for the day's hunt, hoping to bag an elk. McCarthy had seen a band of elk the day before at a distance, and had come away without frightening them. So, we were going to take our hunter there.